At the time of the release, Sunil Shetty did not want promote the film as he saw the film as his backlog work as the film took a few years to make. Shetty completed rejected the film. On release, Shetty was surprised to see the film was well received by the critics, rather more received then his last films he had promoted.

Took 2-3 years completing the film due to the ill health of the director who later died near completing the film.

The film was delayed by 1 and a half years due to the illness of the director Bharat Rangacharey. The film released in 1995 when it was supposed to released in early 1994.

The film was a remake of Unlawful Entry same liks Fareb.

The intro beat of the song "I Wanna Make Love To You " from Aitraaz was previously used in the intro of the song "Love is Pain" from Takkar.