Love in Paradise (1986)

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When the car breaks down a smuggling adventure turns into an orgy.


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3 August 2003 | 12-string
blah porn
Aside from the fact that the previous reviewer seems to be mostly quoting from the video box copy, he's not even talking about the right movie! This is HONEYMOON IN PARADISE, not DESERT LOVERS!

Young couple want to honeymoon on a remote island. Ditzy travel agency clerk (Marilyn Jess, in a cameo) books them into Grand Canary. (Well, it's an island, isn't it?) Once there they attempt to have sex, without ever managing it, and also encounter a group of miscellaneous characters, including freeloaders, vacationing models, and a strip joint owner -- not to mention an old German guy with a green plastic alligator and a pair of Speedos (hint, pal -- buy some boxer trunks! Everybody on the beach will say "Thanks"). Back home in Paris, there is a surprise ending.

Very attractive cast includes Michelle Leska, Christophe Clark, Jessy Gory, Michelle Davy, André Kay, and Marilyn Jess. Pic was shot back to back with DESERT LOVERS and features the same cast. You will see all the travel footage of Grand Canary you ever wanted, and then some. The sex scenes are perfunctory, widely-spaced, and uninvolved. The cast members phone it in and most should have given change back from their pay checks. Admittedly good-looking (shot on 35mm) picture rates about a 2 (out of 10) on the porno heat scale.

There is one exception. The opener, which follows peachy temp Marilyn Jess to her first day of work at the travel agency, is both cute and spicy. Then she books the honeymoon trip and we never see her again. They should have tossed the rest of the film and just added another 75 minutes of Marilyn on the job. It would probably have looked a lot like LUSTY BUSINESS but would have been much more entertaining than HONEYMOON IN PARADISE.

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27 November 1986



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