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17 May 2017 | lor_
Paging Joanne Woodward
My memories from a couple decades back of the beautiful Chasey Lain are being tarnished by watching a bunch of her shows on DVD, which reveal how poor an actress she was. Case in point is Fred Lincoln's "Domination", apparently a hit way back when alongside its companion feature "Submission" (natch) in which the bosomy star takes on a dual- personality role with poor results.

She's Chasey White, introduced as being the wimpy wife of Nick East who delights in criticizing her, abusing her and generally being a cad's cad. Fortunately she has hiding inside of her an assertive alter ego named Chasey Black who, following the time-honored tradition of these psychological dramas, has the upper hand in self-awareness of being one of two women in the same body, while heroine White doesn't have a clue.

The possibilities of this premise are frittered away by Lincoln, whose producer wife Patti Rhodes doesn't bother to take a screen writing credit this time, sure sign of crummy script. Sure, there's plenty of humping by Chasey(s) abetted by some sexy if obscure supporting femmes, but the only thing fun about this boring video is the set of fetish-gear outfits that Lain wears. Fred and Patti instinctively sense that those are all the patient Wicked Pictures viewer will ultimately care about.

Final reel has some pricelessly cheesy dialog (credited to Sam Maxwell) on the order of Black announcing "Sweet submissive Chasey is dead and now you have me" to Nick. His response: "Goodbye Chasey, it's time for me to get on with my life". The fan who has been waiting for horrible Nick to get his deserved comeuppance is cheated out of that catharsis as he exits Stage Right. Instead the clunker ends with a random threesome in which Tom Byron and Nikole Lace worship her body, clad only in a series of gold chains across her breasts. That's certainly an empty triumph of form over content.

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