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  • Pornographers love to make movies about the porn industry and also sort of wish-fulfillment movies about mainstream Hollywood -this is a mediocre example of the latter.

    Trinity Loren is miscast as a movie studio executive whose latest release is a big flop -as her husband T. T. Boy (a screenwriter) reports to her, it's grossing just $1,000 per screen. That's poor boxoffice in any era.

    But top billing goes to Sandra Scream, a top porn star at the time. She plays a ditzy blonde who wants to be an actress, and falls for the corny line of (her real-life partner) Woody Long, who has her audition blindfolded in a threesome with him and Leilani.

    Leilani also gets to finish the movie in a threesome with Trinity and T. T. She gets to say the corny dialog concerning how all the girls in Hollywood must have big boobs, yet of course Leilani's naturals do quite well onscreen here to contradict that cliche.

    Other characters include Don Fernando as an agent who gets a 3-way with aspiring actress Saki (who gets to recite that inevitable cliche "I'd do anything for a part") and token bad guy Tom Chapman, the studio v.p., vying for power with Trinity.

    Trinity's birthday party is the structure for the entire movie as we see cast and extras (including an older guy who gets more attention from the camera than called for -he's probably the producer of the movie) mingle and have sex. Eric Price and wife Paula Price contribute an extraneous sex scene.

    One highlight is naturally busty redhead Rusty Rhodes, spotlighted in two sex scenes, but largely given only routine roles in her VHS-era career.