Of the thirteen episodes made, only the first, titled Police Surgeon: Easy Money (1960), is known to exist while the rest of the series is missing, due to the policy at the time of recycling videotapes to save on costs and storage, and failure of the production company to keep masters.

It is sometimes mistakenly credited as being the precursor to The Avengers (1961), due to sharing the same star and creator and some personnel (as ABC were keen to retain Ian Hendry on their books following the demise of this series). There is no direct continuity between the two shows.

Although documentation on only twelve episodes of "Police Surgeon" could be found, producer Leonard White has stated in print that thirteen episodes were produced. And so for years the identity of the thirteenth episode has remained a mystery. But now this episode has at long last been identified: "Diplomatic Immunity." The information was unearthed by Simon Coward of the Kaleidoscope Organisation, who writes that it "was shown 15/10/60 instead of Police Surgeon: You Won't Feel a Thing (1960) which was shown as per its second billing in the TV Times on 29/10/60." The information appears in a publication on which he worked, the Independent Television Drama Research Guide. Oddly, it is the only title in the listing with no cast information, so Simon has promised to rummage through his archives for anything else he can find; he was also in regular contact with White, and asked him to do likewise.

Dr Geoffrey Brent's professional locale was London's Bayswater district.

Ian Hendry was offered the lead in The Avengers (1961), on the strength of his performance in "Police Surgeon."