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  • d-millhoff17 February 2011
    Unwatchable drek.

    Creator of such classic characters as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Screwy Squirrel, and Droopy, Tex Avery was one of the best, and funniest animators of the golden age. These decidedly unfunny, juvenile cartoons are marketed as an homage to Avery's genius, but they are little more than badly-drawn, badly-animated, badly-written and badly-directed insults to his legacy.

    Avery apparently left no descendants to protect his name and legacy after his death, allowing them to fall into the public domain and ultimately become appropriated by DIC Entertainment.

    If you ever find yourself near Forest lawn Cemetery and hear a rumbling noise, that may be old Tex, rolling in his grave.
  • vidstrclrk15 September 2011
    I don't want to just hate on anything or anyone, but this series is an insult to your intelligence and to Tex Avery. For Les Studios Tex to glom onto his name and then produce the waste of frames that they have is reprehensible. It's almost criminal. I've seen their products reviewed on other websites, and when I happened across some episodes on TV and watched for myself I couldn't have agreed more with the detractors. It isn't even so much about using Tex Avery's name or the blatant ripping off of his style (and poorly done at that), it's that this work isn't funny, it isn't well written, it's not even particularly animated with any originality or innovation. It appears to be a very elaborate, extensive attempt to make some money off of anyone who can't, or doesn't care to, distinguish between the classic Tex Avery cartoons and pale, pale imitations. I would request that the graphic for this page be changed for two reasons: 1) That's the cover to an MGM cassette of authentic Tex Avery cartoons, thus misleading and confusing as to the subject of this page, and 2) It's an insult and injustice to Tex Avery himself and the studio of brilliant talent who worked under him.
  • AuntEthel29 August 2006
    I had the misfortune to be involved with the broadcast of this series on a UK TV Channel a few years back. Every minute spent in front of it was painful.

    Given the originality & sheer inventiveness that Tex Avery brought to his creations I'm not quite sure how the producers of this 'homage' were able to live with themselves. Poor animation, hackneyed (and distinctly unfunny) jokes, coarseness in place of genuine humour - all these things added together made this probably one of the very worst animation series I've ever had anything to do with. And THAT is saying something, believe ME..

    Using Tex Avery's name in conjunction with this rubbish would no doubt have had him spinning in his grave.
  • Tex Avery was one of the true greats of animation; his last work may have been for "The Kwicky Koala Show," but at least he was involved with it. "The Wacky World of Tex Avery" only used his name, and it tried to adopt his style of animation... but they forgot one little thing.

    They forgot to make it funny.

    The various components were hyperactive, but they weren't exactly amusing; and it wasn't like it was particularly well done animation-wise either. Even the theme music wasn't original. People wanting decent cartoons from France are better off with "Insektors"; for the true wacky world of Tex Avery, see the real cartoons he did and avoid this insult.

    Incidentally, DIC is short for Diffusion, Information, Communication. All of which imply intelligence, which is in even shorter supply here than in most of the shows from that company.
  • Ahhh, Tex Avery. A wonderful animation legend that gave us so many memorable characters such as Bugs Bunny, Screwy Squirrel and of course Droopy and that wolf. He perfected the art of squash and stretch animation and his toons are loved by millions of fans everywhere.

    Which was an absolute crying shame when those hacks at DIC (now DHX Media) decided they would rather pee all over his legacy and blatantly use his name and his style of animation for quite possibly the most insulting piece of TV animation ever made.

    And they succeeded.

    Instead of the wacky humour and delightful mayhem the real Tex Avery gave you, what DIC instead does is shove some appallingly bad plots, quite frankly unoriginal characters, animation that is so tasteless you'll feel sick after watching and the so called "comedy" in your face... hard.

    You'll also get a decent cast including Billy West, Cree Summer, Maurice LaMarche, Ian James Corlett and Lee Tockar. They honestly try... they really do but in the end you'll be in tears thinking how these talented voice actors stumbled their way into this mess.

    For extra plain cartoon goodness, buy that Droopy DVD set or something. For a massive insult to an animation legend, look no further than The Wacky World Of Tex Avery.

    DIC will thank you for it.... and poor old Tex himself will be rolling in his grave.
  • Wacky World is so many humor and cringe.... This show is SUCK!!!