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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm a fan of David Bradley coz the guy makes decent B movies. He's no Robert Deniro or Jack Nicholson but the guy simply does what he does best: fight, shoot, show his physique and deliver corny lines. I had watched everything he did right upto Hard Justice (which was very good for a B-movie IMO) and when I saw the DVD cover of Crisis I thought "tank top, showing muscle... yep this looks like a pretty decent action flick". Boy was I wrong when I bought this from Amazon and watched it for the first time. This movie is, without a shadow of doubt, the WORST that this guy ever did (although I've still got to see Total Reality and Expect to Die but they can't possibly be as bad as this). I can't believe that audacity of the DVD cover the production company made which makes you think it's some fast, rough martial arts action flick and instead you get a stinky, boring and indigestible drama film about an ex-mob hit-man trapped inside a house with his brother and a gang of terrorists. I honestly don't know what the director of this movie smoked before making this because what could've made for a pretty cool action and fighting movie (like Bradley's previous flicks) ends up in this boring almost Z-movie of Bradley shooting off round after round with a Beretta and doing absolutely NO physical fighting whatsoever (ironic since it's the best thing this guy can do), apart from a couple of crappy short fights where his character is probably not supposed to be a martial arts expert since it looks like he can't even punch or throw a kick. Crisis left me with a bad taste in my mouth and veeeery sleepy, I'm still peed off that I actually spent 5 pounds on this on Amazon. I'm trying to collect all of Bradley's but I swear if I had known this movie was going to be so boring, I wouldn't have spent not even 10 pence on it, word. I reckon the two only good things in this movie were the hot milf, wife of the kidnapped big fish, and the cute brunette who befriends Bradley though strangely doesn't end up in bed with him like all his previous flicks. In a nutshell, I wouldn't recommend this movie not even to the most avid David Bradley fan, action fan, martial arts (?) fan, B-movie fan or even Z-movie for that matter, I kid you not.
  • truetimes9 September 2006
    This movie is probably the poorest made movie I have ever seen! The action was very childlike killing someone with one hit or a bullet. The insane part is: shooting a gun inside a house, when you can be heard! This movie is unrealistic, its a waste of money.

    The people that acted in that movie, can do way better at action, like for example, a body builder guy, Jason Campbell who plays Jim, is on that movie. It was a waste not putting him in a good action fight, but instead, he was put in a part where he can die with one move. The people that acted in that movie are also very weak at acting, I am sure they can do better.

    All of this is what I say about the movie, apologies for making fans angry at me.
  • This was the first feature film shot entirely in Saskatoon, Canada. The dedication of Anthony Towstego to his goal of producing this film in Saskatoon was enviable. This production marked the start of the film industry in Saskatoon and was instrumental in training of many people new to the industry. This training has been the groundwork for the beginnings of many of th production companies now in Saskatoon. Check out ther examples of Anthony's work "Without Malice", "Murder Seen" and "Canada Remembers 2000" Keep up the good work. Tom
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I wasn't sure how this film would develop based on the brief description from my satellite movie provider. But I like to give most everything a chance and quickly I could see this was an interesting movie with elements of action of course, but the story line itself was intriguing what with the work of a radical environmentalist group at the heart of the story.The family held hostage was likable and the characters attractive, as were the two brothers caught up in a noble plan gone bad. Tiffany Shrimpton as the maid was given a tough part for a first appearance on film and I was hoping she would be saved from the consequence that enveloped the bastion of illegal activity. One can't take everything at face value in action flicks but still it flowed evenly and the good guys came out the victors and the evil ones vanquished. It was nice to see a touch of romance at the end of the film, I guess it kind of offset the violence somewhat. I think the Saskatoon film crew did a commendable job and I would watch this film again without question. And recommend it as well.