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  • DoubleAirbags22 August 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    This movie was in fact the first adult movie I saw, almost. But the movie is a classic. I remember two scenes in the movie that was the best ones. Peter North with Ebony Ayes and Randy Spears with Trinity Loren. You can see that it is the 80s in Peter North's hair. Ebony is a swim star Peter is her coach. Peter sits in the sofa, and Ebony is behind it, and is bending over to perform some swimming. She wears a bikini top, and her big boobs are almost popping out. When she comes down to Peter we see that she forgot her panties, or can it be because Peter North is her coach? *smile* It does not take long before the real actions starts, they have a fantastic chemistry and they both look hot. Peter North ends the scene with placing his big pole between her big boobs and Peter decorates them all over. Randy Spears and Trinity Loren are two studio reporters and they feel for some hot action too. Making out on the table and with Randy ending the scene with splashing on Trinity's chest. It is a true classic.