Jinx (1996)

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A gambler falls for a hooker (Jenna Jameson) and begins a downward spiral of bad luck. The hooker is torn between her new man and her previous pimp.


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9 March 2017 | lor_
Lazy, poorly done Jenna vehicle
"Jinx" is nothing more than an assembly-line Wicked release exploiting Jenna Jameson's popularity, given haphazard, slipshod direction (and writing if you can call it that) by the team of Fred Lincoln and Patti Rhodes. No meat at all on these bones.

Jenna is a hooker, devoted to her abusive pimp played by John Decker. She meets long-haired sex symbol of the era, Colt Steele, in a bar where lovely Roxanne Hall (in a nothing role) is bartender, and falls for the big lug. In Rhodes' deficient script not much of any interest (apart from the requisite six mechanical sex scenes) occurs, except that Jenna ends up loyal to her pimp and hopeless situation, unable to change her ways. Not very upbeat or enlightening, to say the least, but subliminally (as most scenes suggest) a defense of the "sex-worker" role which prostitutes and "porn talent" share.

Steele gives a terrible performance, disinterested and aloof even when scenes call for him to emote somehow. Decker is way too kindly for his bad guy role, so one also wonders if this imbalance is part of the Lincoln/Rhodes inverted scheme siding with the bad guy rather than the potential good guy.

Supporting cast is overly heavy on Jenna surrogates, ultra-busty blondes with equally fake tits, like Julie Rage, Caressa Savage and newcomer Nico Treasures (an obscure actress I had only seen previously in a Joe D'Amato film about Rudolph Valentino). For variety we get sexy brunette Jacklyn Lick, who receives a phony "Introducing" credit that is untrue.

Boring, the feature is poorly structured and little more than a series of sex scenes with pretend dialog/story interspersed. Colt's reluctance to go to bed with Jenna when offered for free (even though she's a hooker) is left unexplained -all he seems to care about is gambling where he fancies himself a genius at betting the ponies or college football games. He blames a losing streak on Jenna (hence the title), and picture ends with idiotic dialog for him, to whit: "Luck isn't black and white, it's how you read the cards. From now on, you're a good luck charm". This recited despite the fact that she's told him she's going back to her pimp.

Even as a sex film Lincoln is out to lunch, with two, count 'em, two sex scenes staged on two different pool tables -not coincidence but mere absent-mindedness.

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