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  • Upon reading the last post put on here totally trashing this very funny show, I had to make a post. Well I'm 23 and my boyfriend is 33 and we both find the show entertaining and funny, so let's not automatically assume that only teenagers like this show, plus that's insulting to teenagers in implying that they are stupid, and anyone over the age of 15 is stupid if they like this show. Ok, may be it's not quite "move over Seinfeld classic", but the cast is talented, and they had some extremely funny episodes. At first, to be perfectly honest I didn't really like this show, but I gave it another chance and ended up totally loving it. And it only got better, as the series went on and more charcters were brought in (ie. Germ, Irene, Johnny), it became funnier. Funnier stories and interesting little episodes, such as the "silent-no dialogue episode", and the episode that was narrated entirely in song, and all of the Halloween ones. I never saw Friends take the risks that this very funny show took.
  • This was one of the funniest sit-coms ever, and it's a shame that it had low ratings. Both the writing and acting were top rate. I usually hate TV sit coms. The actors tend to over do it, and most stories are trite, ie, been there, done that. But Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place was always innovatively funny, and, I think, very genuine for the age group it was portraying. This show is much better than 'Friends' because TGAGPP was so over the top, but it still had this sweetness to it. It's difficult to explain unless you've seen it. The key to its success are the three main characters, especially Berg and Pete, who were so wacky, but not overdone. But even Johnny, Sharon's boyfriend was a great element in the whole mix. And all the actors were perfect. I truly miss this show. I highly recommend it.
  • This is probably the best show on tv. Everything from the writing to the acting is great.

    Traylor, Ryan and Richard are perfectly cast as Sharon, Berg and Pete and they all have a special chemistry that really comes across on screen.

    This show has certain similarities with Seinfeld and Friends but the difference with 2 Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place it is so down to earth that the 3 actors make it funny instead of relying on a lot of celebrity cameos.
  • Alex H5 February 2002
    That this show was cancelled is a television crime of the first degree.

    I can count on the fingers of one hand how many sitcoms have the same perfectly balanced character layout and genius comedy timing that this show has. Unfortuantely I would need more fingers than I currently own to count the number of sitcoms that are as funny and well timed as a bad car accident that have had longer runs (ie Friends, Third Rock, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, ect).

    I must also stand up and salute Ryan Reynolds for being the best and funniest actor to come out of American network TV in many, many years.

    Your initial reaction to this show is almost certainly going to be "Oh, God, not another rip off from 'Friends'. Don't let first impressions fool you, because Peter Dunville and Michael Bergen are funnier than Joey and Chandler will ever be. Traylor Howard manages to put up with stiff competition as well, as Sharon is the most beliveable female character in a sitcom in recent years.

    If, in 10 years time, the staff writers of 'Friends' are walking around with signs around there neck saying 'Will write pilot for food' they can take a good look at TGAAG to see were they went wrong. Instead of having the old fashioned (and unfunny) 'What-if-two-of-the-main-characters-hook-up-after-three-seasons-of-sexual-te nsion' routine, the writers went for the novel idea of drafting in some new regulars to act as foils for the original three. Cue the "Two Girls and a Guy" trio of Ashley, Irene and Johnny. And a better balance of characters you could not hope to find. Where you have the cold hearted, snake tounged Ashley, you have the kindly, naive Pete. Where you have the cool headed Johnny, you have the hyperactive Sharon. Where you have the silly, stuttery Irene, you have the quick wittedness of Berg. All you have to then is think up good storylines and your made. Aren't you? Two Guys and A Girl sadly succumbed to the network mantra of: "This is good, lets cancel it." Full of good intentions, no sinister effort to cash in on anyone's misery. Just a story about some people living out there lives. Oh well.

    At least we've still got quality sitcoms like um....Frie- no that sucks, er.....Drew Ca- no that sucks too. Well there's, what about.....nah. We can always

    Oh crap.
  • If you ask people, they probably have NEVER heard of this show, but that's a shame because this show was awesome!! It was the same caliber or "Friends" or "Seinfeld" and for whatever reason it never caught on. ABC should have done some hard core marketing to promote this show instead of cancelling it! Good thing there are repeats on cable and they should make this available to buy on DVD/VHS. It's not just because Ryan Reynolds is a total hottie, this show has good scripts, a good cast, and is just plain FUNNY!!! Watch it, you'll be glad you did !
  • havoc-2719 May 2007
    This was one of the best shows I have seen on TV. The actors were really good and the writers were brilliant.I can't count the number of times I almost fell of my chair while watching Two Guys And A Girl.It's very sad that they canceled it :'( .By the way the last episode was kind a silly.They could have made another were everybody chooses a different path like in Friends. I think in some ways Two Guys And A Girl is better than Friends and I can't understand why Friends got 10 seasons and Two Guys And A Girl only 4.It's just not fair.I want to thanks every single one who worked in that show and it will not be the same without you!
  • The network sucks for canceling this great show. They left us hanging and we never found out what happened with Pete and Ashley, Sharon and Johnny, or Berg and Irene. Incidentally Jillian Bach, her character Irene was SOO adorable. What a cutie, so great to watch her wackiness on the tube. The show may have been canceled, but I wonder if anyone ever considered the idea of a spin off, or maybe a reunion show. Look what happened with Family Guy, such a fan outcry when they canceled it that it became the first show to EVER return to the air after being canceled in the history of television. I can't wait for this show to come out on DVD, but I really wish somehow I could go back in time and keep then from canceling it..or at least putting together a reunion show. Good shows like this don't deserve to just DIE!.
  • I loved this show. The characters were very alive and harmonicly mixed. There was so much comedy and jokes that made me angry for canceling the show.

    Pete and Ashley's sarcastic remarks are the best. They made me watch each episode at least twice. Ryan Reynolds was great as Berg, I had a chance to see him in Van Wilder also and he didn't let me down.

    I don't think that I will ever see a sitcom like that EVER. Thinking that it's canceled now just makes me sad.
  • aj841 April 2003
    Warning: Spoilers
    The shows cancelled but if you haven't seen some episodes there could be spoilers in

    This show, this awesome, funny, clever, amazing show has been savagely butchered. Everyime I think about how ABC killed THE best comedy of recent times, I weep. Two Guys and A Girl becomes addictive, you need to see the characters and their hilarious lives! Berg is the best comic character created due to the immense talent of Ryan Reynolds, the interactions between all the charcters are just watchable.

    Every show is unique, it's predictable, it's a bit like friends (Sharon is like Rachel) but it has key differences. The first series were funnier but the latter series (without the pizza place) were just as a good-there was a move towards more story then gags.

    I could talk about this all day but i'll stop and leave you with some of my favourite bits:

    When Berg gets Pete to lift the trash can over his head and then shouts, "yeah, look at me I'm so strong"

    Pete to Ashley: " Ashley if your here, who's running hell"

    "Ashley why you out here, shouldn't you be collecting the dalmations together!"

    And Finally-- The Carmen Electra Episode-all of its funny but especially when Berg does his Christopher Walken voice
  • I have watched this show since is started and hated it when they moved it to Friday nights, because that's basically the last stop before the show gets cancelled. My husband told me about it being in syndication on the WE channel and now I get to watch it every day. I really hope this show comes out on DVD, because I would be first in line to buy it. I love Ryan Reynolds, his humor is unbelievable genius. I don't get a chance to laugh out loud at many tv shows these days and this one has me in tears almost from laughing.
  • Usually, sitcoms don't even draw a smile on my face, but when I saw my first episode of "Two guys, a girl..." (episode 2 or 3, I think), I laughed 'til I cried. I completely fell in love with the cast from day one. Their lines are soo funny and I can't do anything but smile and shake my head when they find themselves in another one of those strange situations. Of course, the writers deserve a lot of the credit, but Richard, Traylor and Ryan play their characters perfectly. Say what you want, but my opinion is that Richard Ruccolo is the best looking guy on tv. Here in Norway we've only seen 7 episodes so far, but clearly this is one of the best shows out there!
  • They seem incapable of hanging on to decent shows. They wouldn't know a good thing if it came along and bit them in the....

    It's fantastic! The Cast are brilliant, the writers are brilliant, the production team is brilliant!!! It has me in stitches all the time. I love the Halloween episodes. Actually, I love them all! I must have seen every one at least twice but I still love it. Should've gone on for longer, but as mentioned earlier, Fox suck....

    Ok, I don't have any more to say but I need at least 10 lines to post the comment! So, er... It rules!! Everyone go and watch repeats!!! hehe! I want DVDs! Grrr....
  • This show was extraordinarily appealing. Ryan Reynolds is great, and has a sense of comedic timing that is amazing. The other people are great as well, and the addition of some of the oddball characters only improved things.

    There was a good balance between comedy and occasionally serious topics, but it never dragged.

    This series being canceled was a travesty. As I recall it was moved around quite a bit schedule-wise, and as such it was difficult to find.

    As a show it's much better than friends.

    This is one show that seriously needs to be on DVD.
  • This show is da bomb!!!! Killer cast, mega funny lines etc., etc. Ryan Reynolds is god!!!!! And so is his character, Berg. If no one has seen it, you have no life/taste. Best show on the face of the earth. 100% Money Back Guarantee!!!!!!!
  • Although I discovered just before the 3rd series came to be, now called "Two guys and a girl" as they out-grew the pizza place, I'm happy to say "better late than never".

    Although we all love "The Simpsons", "Friends", "Ally McBeal"... for different reasons, they have all been long-running shows and I for one, needed something new and fresh to watch.

    2 guys and a girl, is hugely satisfying to watch because the 3 main characters are beautiful, without being plastic (the way they are becoming in Friends and Ally McBeal... no comment on The Simpsons), they are actually intelligent people... and even though it's not a comedy show leaning Frasier's approach... they are capable of intelligent thought... which is refreshing... I got tired of watching show after show of Ally McBeal where the court case was about someone who didn't believe in Santa, or in Christmas, or couldn't get a date from a match-making agency -please, give me a break!! Once is hysterical, the second time funny, the third boring and tired...

    2 guys and a girl has a strong female lead who holds her own with the guys without losing femininity and the two guys are still very much guys, but who are in this stage of transitioning from a guy into a man... at times losing it like guys do, at times being restrained like a man should... but at all times, without fail, funny...

    Clearly though it is Berg's character who delivers the funniest lines, not least because Ryan Reynolds as an actor has a knack for comic timing and also has a dream face and body so all the girls are just itching to hear him say something funny so we can giggle along with him.

    As they say in Spain "Ole" to "Two guys and a girl", may you be on air for a long time and avoid that axe that Ally McBeal just got!
  • This show is Brilliant! I love to record it, and watch it over and over again. Ryan Reynolds is a genious, and Richard Ruccolo and Traylor Howard are not worse than he is. The Extra-Crew(Suzanne Cryer, Nathan Fillion, Jillian Bach, Giuseppe Andrews and Tiffani-Amber Thiessem) are also great. What Can i Say, but, Its pura "snilld"(brilliant on Icelandic).
  • OMG! This is without a doubt my favorite t.v. show ever. Everything about this show was just perfect, the writing, the characters (i loved Irene), everything. Ryan Reynolds was absolutely phenomenal in this show! The chemistry between the three main characters was absolutely brilliant. They just fed off of each other so well! They used to show reruns of this show on WE and that's how i got hooked, i was so mad when they took it off. Anyways this show has to come out on DVD!!! I would buy it in a's just amazing 10/10

    Ryan Reynolds is the awesome! (and so hot! especially in Blade Trinity!)
  • There were so many great elements to this show. Funny storylines, fun characters, good actors and humour (which in my opinion, is lacking from some of today's more recent so-called comedies).

    It is disappointing that this show is no longer running, however, should you get the chance to catch a re-run of the show, i suggest you do. It's highly entertaining, even after seeing the episode for the fifth time.
  • I started watching this show after the psycho halloween episode in which Mimi kills everybody and it was absolutely hysterical. It is easily one of my favorite shows, behind Cheers and i wish they would put it out on DVD or even video. I just want them to bring it back.
  • Lets see... where can I begin. Two Guys and Girl is amazing. I absolutely love the show. I didn't not watch the show when it was on ABC I watch it now every single day on WE. It's a fantastically funny show. The characters are so likeable. Ryan Reynolds is amazing as Michale Bergan. He is a comic genius and because of this show I now have a wonderful knew actor to follow and watch his talent. Richard is just as funny as Pete. Watching him would make everyone want to have a friend like him. Traylor Howard is amazing as Sharon. I looked up to her and her attitude. I have read all the comments before I decided to comment and I realize now that everyone is right. Of course there are a few that were negative and it made me understand that some people just do not understand true comedy. I hate that it only lasted three seasons. Right now on WE I get to enjoy the show everyday. I am absolutely addicted. The characters all are good looking and fun to watch. I hope that it does come out on DVD/VHS. Because if so I will be one of the first to buy. To all those out there that do not like Two Guys and A Girl I really hope you find something to do. So you can get some laughs in your life. Its fun to watch and makes any one feel better to just get away from the real world for awhile.
  • When I first saw this show, a few episodes into its first season, I laughed harder than I have for most Seinfeld, Frasier, and Everybody Loves Raymond episodes.

    Ryan Reynolds was great, and the writers were terrific in giving him just that amount of screentime to make you want oh so much more. Suzanne Cryer was wonderful also, and I really hope she does something again soon. All of the long-time regulars were all great, and it was obviously a team effort that made this show work.

    I loved this show, and I was very upset when I found out it was to be cancelled a few years ago. Although I understood why. I believe they had gotten new writers after like the second season...they tried to take it in directions it didn't want to go. Like the greats: (Seinfeld et al) choose a format and stick with it....and be wary of new regulars. The theme shows were funny, but there were probably a few too many of them. Here are my favorite episodes (check them out on WE during the week):

    12 - "Two Guys, a Girl and Someone Better"; 21 - "Two Guys, a Girl and a Wedding"; 40 - "Sunday in the Apartment"; 49 - "The Monitor Story"; 72 - "I've Got a Secret" (also has outtakes at the end)
  • This programme is witty, funny, and a chance for people to get away from the boring normality of their own lives. i would like to comment that the person who said this programme was terrible was sorely mistaken, and they took the time to write out a bias list of the programme! It has intertwining plots and is funny beyond compare, it has thrown some of the comedy out to make way for a more dramatic(?) or interesting story line, as the characters are getting older, just as "Friends" did years before. The age of the people watching this should not affect how people look at this, although it is aimed at teenagers, after all it is shown on trouble tv! Basically, this programme is a gem, and anyone thinks otherwise, obviously needs a sense-of-humour transplant!! a truly great show!
  • I wish more people would have taken the time to enjoy this show. It was with out a doubt the funniest thing on television. The acting was great and the relationships between the characters was hysterical. If there had to be a flaw to this show it was without a doubt the lack of support that ABC gave it!
  • Two guys, a girl and a pizza place is one of the best comedies to emerge from America. Not only is it funny, but it has some cast members to die for...Berg (Ryan Reynolds) for example. He's tall, has great hair, and a smile that's enough to make any girl drool, and his body movement......;) Along with that and the shows great one liners and wit, I give it a ten out of ten and thank whoever created it and picked the cast. Now I have something to look forward to on my Thursday nights!!
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