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  • ukkid3512 April 2018
    I was not the target demographic when I saw this

    I can almost remember the elegiac melancholy that pervaded the 90 minutes or so of its running time

    I am a big fan of Dave Allen, which is why I watched this play, and the experience was transformative

    It showed me what being an adult might entail: nothing is certain, nothing works out, nothing makes sense

    It is an incredible loss that DA was never given another role to move us in this way, but as a swan song it doesn't get any better

    I remember that after the broadcast there was an earnest discussion where Frears was challenged by some critics who seemed to be from a different century, a different world completely

    I'm not even a Stephen Frears fan, but even as a thirteen year old I knew those critics were clueless, irrelevant, and blind to the beauty of this work

    Thank You DA and may your God go with you