In the original ending, the scene where the murderer is revealed was filmed just a few hours before it was aired to prevent the audience learning the solution prematurely.

Regina Duarte declined the starring role that went to Susana Vieira.

Fernanda Montenegro declined the role which went to Rosamaria Murtinho due to scheduling conflicts.

André Gonçalves was infamously assaulted on the street because of his gay character.

Aracy Balabanian was described as "Don Corleone in skirts".

The finale has two versions: one originally aired in Brazil and another one usually aired on other countries. When the series was rerun in 2000, the international version of the final was aired.

Some episodes use musical cues similar to the soundtracks from films such as The Fugitive (1993) and Psycho (1960), the latter being a great source of inspiration during the most thrilling sequences.

In one certain episode, two characters are walking out of a cinema theatre talking about seeing a good Brazilian film - the marquise displays the film as being Carlota Joaquina, Princesa do Brazil (1995). Norton Nascimento who stars in the series made his film debut on that movie. Both the series and film were released on the same year.

Eliseu's trip to Italy was extended for a longer period than scripted due to the fact actor Gianfrancesco Guarnieri was recovering from a heart surgery at the time.

The show united two actors who played Tonho da Lua in different versions of the series: Gianfrancesco Guarnieri, in the original Secrets of Sand (1973) while Marcos Frota played the same role in the remake Secrets of Sand (1993).

The opening titles of the show presents individuals whose faces are changed through special effects that presents some members of the cast and the image of a target appearing on their faces, ending with a gunshot. Of the 12 cast members who appear in the titles, three of them were part of the list of victims in the series: Antonio Pitanga, Glória Menezes and Gianfrancesco Guarnieri, with the latter being the last face presented and on the series course he was the last victim to get killed.

Body Count: 16. Among them, there's one off-screen death from a nameless character (the accountant who died on mysterious circumstances in jail). Both the 1995 version and the alternative ending released years later has the same number of deaths.

Not a single character dies from natural causes. All the deaths are caused by gunshots or intentional accidents.