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  • A film that begins with Shauna Grant posing nude at her mirror, then masturbating on her bed can't be all bad.

    But this hodge-podge leaves much to be desired, with muffled sound making the dialogue often unintelligible, and little thought as to story structure. Opening vignettes are disconnected filler, leading to Ron Jeremy delivering some exposition and a psychotherapy session as the hook.

    Misty Dawn as Stephanie has a problem -she can't reach orgasm, and doesn't even have sexual fantasies. With Ron improvising, film falls apart into more sex stuff, like Shauna masturbating again, Craig Roberts (who previously humped Misty) back humping young pig-tailed Yvette DuBois and then Ron servicing both Shauna and Misty. Lesbian sex and a threesome are thrown in for good measure.