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  • Gomoti Ki Kinare directed by Swaan Kumar Tak is Meena Kumari's last film, in fact the film was released after her death on March 31, 1972. She gave a spectacular performance as loving mother to a child and with the help of a very good friend Nekiram played by Agha brought the boy up to become the chief engineer of a construction firm headed by Gopal Das played by Rehman. The movie has a string social theme, which is whether the son of a courtesan can be the son-in-law of a reputed business man in our society. It is a good movie to watch specially for Meena Kumari who can master such roles with her sober beauty and a very matured actor as the "tragedy queen". Good support was provided by some veteran actors like Agha, Rehman, I.S. Johar, Mumtaz and Shyama who played their individual roles admireabley. As I understand from reading Meena Kumari's bio that she was very sick near the end of her life, I was amazed by her acting prowess and bravery of playing this role at a time so much near to her death. She has my long salute. I rated the movie as eight out of ten.