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  • lor_12 December 2018
    Last of the so-called Amazing She-Male Trilogy starring TS actress Kelly Michaels and directed by John Bowen/John T. Bone, this Metro release dispenses with story and just presents a series of goofy sex scenes, including man pegs woman with strap-on dildo. Star Kelly has a cock of her own, but uses it only on girly vaginas.

    Michaels' main drawback as an early TS video star is her monotone facial expressions, looking sour and unemotional regardless of the circumstances of a scene. Here no acting is required in an all-sex format.

    Bone's favorite actress Annabel Chong gets to do the pegging and seems comfortable assaulting an actor's hairy ass with her handy strap-on. I guess that's enough for fans of junk at this level to enjoy.