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  • elsie188815 February 2005
    I love watching this movie. I love this dialog in a "horror" film. I got myself a copy on DVD and watch it at least a few times a year. There are some classic lines between the city folk vs. the bumpkins. Fonda's line about the sarcasm being too subtle is great (while spraying RAID in the middle of Maine). Betty White is building her career these days being the tart-mouthed old broad (see "Boston Legal" - another David Kelley production). Also, the interplay between Oliver Platt and the actor playing the sheriff are priceless.

    Contrary to what others have written - I think the special effects go just fine with the overall campy and comedy feel of the movie and the amount of gore is also appropriate. More would change the tone of the film from the comedy which I enjoy, to one more of a gross-out nature.

    Just a favorite of mine. Try it if you, for example, liked "Love at First Bite" - you will probably like this too.
  • When a diver is cut in half by something under the water of a quiet lake in Maine, Sheriff Keough calls in the Rangers, Jack Wells and a New York palaeontologist, Kelly Scott to investigate a tooth found. Wealthy crocodile hunter Hector Cyr swoops in to insist that the creature is a crocodile. A claim that looks increasingly likely when the body count begins to rise.

    You really need to be in the mood for a film like this or else you will likely hate it. If you love Tremors then you might be the sort of person that lake Placid is aimed at. The film's strength is that it is a big silly B-movie and it knows it. The film lets us know very early on that it is not 100% serious and this then frees us up to enjoy it rather than moaning about the sheer unlikelyness of the whole affair.

    The plot is daft of course, a Jaws rip off from opening sequence to final attack. The fact that the script has a great sense of humour makes this OK – so when an old woman feeds a cow to the croc then it's fine because that's just what you'd expect in this film. Likewise the humour gives rise to plenty of funny lines which add to the feeling that the film is about fun more than scares. `Is this the man who was attacked?' says Cyr, holding a toe found by the water `he seemed taller' replies the sheriff. Of course at some point the ending must come and it is as overblown as you'd expect, but even then it has it's tongue in it's cheek (fishing with a cow!?).

    The crocodile effect is a mixed bag. In some instances it is good while in others it is over animated and not realistic. For the most part though it works well enough. The cast are not that good but deliver wooden performances in a good way (if that's possible). Platt steals every scene he is in by getting all the funny lines (`yeah well they conceal that sort of information in books' being a put down I fully intend to use given the chance). Pullman is given a less glamorous task of being the leading man while Fonda is like Ally McBeal in the woods! Gleeson is great fun bouncing off Platt and Betty White is so crazy that it's hard not to laugh!

    Overall this is a big budget silly B-movie that laughs at itself. If you are not in the mood for that, or can't accept it for what it is then you'd do well to avoid this film. For all others there is enough good lines and silly fun to be had here to help you enjoy it, even if you do forget it shortly after watching it.
  • I loved this dopey movie. Funny,with an absolutely hilarious performance by Betty White, an appealing Bridget Fonda (for the first time in memory), and very likeable Brendan Gleeson and Oliver Platt. Bill Pullman was fine but the least of it. What's not to like? I mean, who wouldn't want to save an alligator that's biting people in half in an unspoiled lake 25 miles from anywhere in the middle of Maine? There are so many BAD time wasting movies out there, so much violent, or inane, or vulgar, or sadistic junk that this tongue-in-cheek tale with its dotty characters and clever ending just has to be viewed as one of those times to sit back and smile broadly without guilt. This is hard to pull off, and not to be minimized.
  • gsaylor1 October 2000
    Finally got to see this flick on HBO last night. It was entertaining. These days it's tough to find a really good film because of all of the hype so your expectations of any movie can be too high. With Lake Placid what you see is what you get. It was fun although the closing credits with the actor's interviews would lead you to believe this was an Oscar contender. The special effects were much better than the Deep Blue Sea. The other comments for this movie are on the mark highlighting the Oliver Platt and Brendan Gleeson characters. Betty White was a hoot. If you see this movie don't take it or yourself too seriously, just have fun.
  • "Lake Placid" is one of my all-time favorite movies ever. The dialog is sarcastic and funny no matter what's going on, which keeps it light even with all the people getting eaten every now and then. All the lines between Hector and the Sheriff are especially noted. Most of the comebacks I use whenever possible in everyday conversation. Hector's dream is awesome, though. I love Oliver Platt.

    The best part is that it isn't trying to be a scream-out-loud sort of monster horror movie, it's just having fun. The acting isn't the best, but the way all the lines are delivered makes up for it, and adds to it's charm. It really reminds me of one of those cheap Sci-Fi channel monster movies with the horrible effects, only 10 times better and the effects are more real, of course. Not perfect, but better then the Sci-Fi channel. It looked like a crocodile to me.

    So while you can sit there and try to pick out everything that's wrong with this movie, it's better just to sit back and enjoy it. It's not pretending to be intelligent and so the movie is best viewed knowing that. It tells you that itself within the first 10 minutes.
  • Campy monster-movie fast-food that pokes fun at itself. Absolutely devoid of any message, but chock full of absurd parody.

    Any movie that opens with a gruff county sheriff listening to "I Think I Love You" while he fishes can't be taken seriously. And it gets far goofier than that. The dialog is a relentless parade of one-liners between the five principals: a paleontologist (Bridget Fonda), a Fish & Game guy (Bill Pullman), a croc-worshiping professor (Oliver Platt), the sheriff (Brendan Gleeson), and an eccentric hermit (Betty White). Oh, and of course, a big creature with a big attitude and a big appetite.

    Great character development; and all of the characters are over the top except maybe Pullman's, whose routine nice guy persona balances with the nuts. It's a toss-up who has the most joke lines or who delivers them with the most punch; as they reel off sarcasm at the speed of a machine gun. You can almost see the actors winking at the audience, and they obviously had fun making this. Even the monster (which usually looks real) performs like a seasoned comic. The only complaint to note is that once in a while the endless arguing may wear you out.

    The story, which utilizes subtle references to big creature movies like Jurassic Park and Jaws, actually manages to go somewhere. There are a few clever surprises, and the closing scene is rather unique.

    No cerebral activity will be necessary in the course of watching this movie. Just settle down with some popcorn, and get ready for some good comic idiocy.
  • I can't tell you how much fun this movie is to watch. The cast of characters and their interactive dialog is just terrific. It has been called a bad B Movie. I hardly think that this is accurate. This film is made with skill and charm. If you laugh you do so because it was intended that you laugh. That's unbelievably hard to achieve. It's an intelligent effort with excellent Directing. I love these characters and the casting is perfect. Bridget Fonda shows us what young actresses can really offer a film. Betty White is at her best. Oliver Platt is facinating. Pullman is a great straightman. The Sheriff made the picture credible. This film will last and be seen again and again. I wish that I had made it.
  • steve-james24 August 2005
    Lake Placid is an enjoyable and escapist movie that has the confidence to laugh at itself and its genre.

    Despite the gore and blood of the movie, Lake Placid has its tongue firmly placed in its cheek, and ironically, this leaves the viewer with a 'feel good' perspective.

    Cynics may dismiss Lake Placid for its lack of intricate plot, but to do this is to miss the point and the movie's subtle irony. If you like (and laugh at)films such as Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream, you'll love Lake Placid.

    I'm sure that the years will be kind to Lake Placid and give it 'cult status'. The movie has a timeless quality and all the ingredients and actors for enjoyment.
  • I was hesitant to see this movie because of the subject matter and Bridget Fonda being a major cast member. I had seen her performances in "Godfather III" and "Army of Darkness," and frankly I wasn't the least bit impressed by her abilities.

    The video store I used when this movie was released offered free viewings of movies which were guaranteed to be in stock, and weren't. So when I received the voucher for a free rental of this movie, I decided what the heck, and got it. I was very pleasantly surprised.

    The major players of this movie are Bill Pullman as Jack Wells (Department of Fish and Game), Bridget Fonda is Kelly Scott (Museum of Natural History, New York), Oliver Platt as Hector Cyr (wealthy, eccentric "dragon hunter") and Brendan Gleeson as Sheriff Hank Keough

    Something has killed a man in Lake Placid. It bit his body completely in half. This movie isn't for the feint of heart. It is graphic and gritty and has a very dark humor blended in with the breath-stopping encounters and the gruesome details of the murders. Four people are drawn together to solve the mystery of who or what is killing in the Lake.

    It's not easy to blend comedy with horror without falling into that dark and career-deadly pit of "camp," but Steve Miner (Warlock 1 and Halloween H20 *among many others*) succeeds with full marks.

    The effects of the "creature" are realistically believable. It's hard to do a movie like this without totally going astray with the comedic aspect or the creature effects, but both are right on target in this production.

    You will laugh one moment and be screwed up in your chair with your knees to your chest the next. I love movies based on something which can actually happen. Those to me are the scariest. And this one has some VERY tense moments.

    "Oh, she's whole sentence sarcastic! You two should get along!" Brendan Gleeson as Sheriff Hank Keough.

    This production was a complete surprise. I thoroughly enjoy it, every time I watch it.

    It rates an 8.7/10 from...

    the Fiend :.
  • vamp8816 October 2002
    Watching this movie was a true treat. I'll admit I didn't expect too very much when I rented this. After seeing it I picked up a copy of the DVD on my next trip to the store. The script was tight and the movie moved at a very crisp pace. There was truely nothing missing here. It had suspence and thrills (the part with the grizzly ruled), good effects, a bit of gore (the first victem is the worst), but what really made this movie for me was the characters and thier interaction, especially between Oliver Platt (the excenteric millionaire) and the local sheriff. Truely hillarious and thoroughly enjoyable. I could watch those scenes all night. This movie was the best suprise I've had renting a movie I knew very little about in a long, long time.
  • Let us all take time to celebrate the second coming. Ahh, maybe not, but Lake Placid has some of the class needed to start a religion. The higher quality of this movie is to be found under a few inches of self-irony. One should not try to take LP serious or expect to get scared or anything like that. It is all about the laughs. I think it is great that we finally get a cover-horror that is more than just a bunch of rip-off scenes from Scream and Star Wars. I mean, we are talking of an event big enough to match female oil-wrestling, while drinking an umbrella-topped Tai-Mai. And that is quality time, folks!! So get it together and watch the darn movie. You will either love it (like yours truly) for the intense rediculous humor, or hate it for the intense rediculous humor. Either way you will be able to thank Hollywood for giving us one the greatest masterpieces in horror/comedy/stupidity known to homo sapiens. That's man. So give it try - you might end up liking it. Believe me. It is worth celebrating!
  • I love genre-bending movies, and especially those that mix horror with comedy. That puts me dead center of the target demographic of this film. The plot is pretty silly and there certainly isn't enough action for anyone looking for scares. What saves it is the script. It's witty and never takes itself too seriously. The characters are all foils for one another, setting up some of the most entertaining dialog of any movie I know.

    The plot revolves around a 30 foot Asian crocodile somehow winding up in a lake in Maine - go figure. What makes the movie are the characters assembled to do something about it. Bridget Fonda is an annoying paleontologist who's never before ventured out of her museum. Here, she plays both the archetypal fish out of water as well as potential romantic interest for the local game warden, played by Bill Pullman. The essential characters are rounded out by Brendan Gleeson's dour sheriff, Oliver Platt's rich and eccentric mythology buff, and Betty White as the colorful local little old lady with a secret or two.

    As I said, reduced to a plot outline, it's pretty unimpressive, but the verbal barbs that fly back and forth between the characters are what make the show. It's an "action/horror" movie I could watch with my eyes shut and still enjoy.
  • My wife told me to get this movie. I told her it got terrible, terrible reviews. Well, we got it, I wound up watching it and enjoying it much more than I thought I would. More a comedy than a horror movie, it was pretty stupid, knew it was, and treated itself accordingly. Loved Brendan Gleeson as the sheriff, and Betty White's part, though small, was wonderfully eccentric.
  • Quite a few complaints about this one... a shame, really. I love this movie. I saw it three times in the theater and after renting it a few more I bought the video.

    Oliver Platt is perpetually good in any role he takes... his Professor Cyr character in this is HILARIOUS! Brendan Gleeson is also brilliant as Sheriff Keough.

    You have to keep in mind that this isn't The Piano or Shawshank Redemption... it's just a fun movie about a bigass crocodile. The special effects are excellent (really beats the hell out of that horrible CGI snake in Anaconda) and the dialogue between characters is hilarious.

    I'll put it simply... if you liked Tremors, you'll like Lake Placid. The humor is actually more well-written and it's about the same level of gore.

    If you didn't like Lake Placid, chances are you're too uptight to enjoy a fun monster movie and should go rent a French film noir or anything else that's nice and pretentious.
  • Helen-2310 April 2000
    From the trailers compiled and screened in the UK, this was not a film I was going to go and see. As part of a group I went along and very glad I was too. Everything about this film is well done, from the casting and special effects to the direction and editing. All based on a very solid script filled with humour but without the over the top slapstick as in films like 'There's Something About Mary' and 'Cableman'. Its not a really scary horror film but does has its moments of tense 'knowing something is going to happen in a second' and any film that makes the audience laugh out loud through sheer enjoyment rather than embarrassment gets my vote.
  • Well one hot summer day I did lay lazily by the lake they used in the film for Lake Placid. (or one of the lakes) I love this movie. I actually thought I wrote a review on here already for it, but guess not. Betty White, Bridget Fonda, everyone is great in the cast, so funny. They were smart in making it hilarious, tipping it to absurdity over an Anaconda tryhard type of fear. "You didn't happen to lead your husband to the water blindfolded did you?".. I can't say enough about it. You all need to see it.

    I bought Lake Placid on DVD and have watched it enough times that I can quote it. Fav line: "What is everyone a museum bigot in Maine?" Greatness.
  • I've read quite a few reviews of this movie. Let me just say, I loved it. While Bill Pullman's acting was wooden (I think that was the point of his character) the Sheriff and Mythology Professor were EXCELLENT. Oliver Platt consistently plays great characters, and every time he adds a special flavor to each character. The dialogue, particularly that between Sherrif, Paleontologist, Ranger, and Professor is VERY well-written and fun to watch.

    That's the point of this film. FUN. I see people complaining about various things, but sometimes you just have to LIGHTEN UP and just ENJOY a movie! This was one of my favorite movies on 1999 - I thought the CGI was very good (sure as hell better than Anaconda) and while the plot is a rehash (someone mentioned Jaws... ever heard of THEM!, kids? Ever heard of the Beast from 20000 Fathoms? Spielberg didn't create the genre!) it's still passable and if you just enjoy the filck, it's well worth the rental fee.

    I compare this movie to another giant animal movie I love: Tremors. Similar plot, the only differences are climate and a different blend of characters. Tremors is a FUN movie. Lake Placid is a FUN movie. You want serious, go rent Blair Witch or The Insider. You want something to watch with a few friends so you can have a good laugh, rent Lake Placid. I hope Sci Fi channel or Turner picks this up... I guarantee I'd watch Lake Placid every time it appeared on cable.
  • peter_c17 November 1999
    As evident from most of the other reviews, people who have connected with this movie, as I have, connected quite solidly. It was one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. I have not been scared by a movie since I was 13 years old, so horror movies that take themselves seriously, like The Blair Witch, are extraordinarily boring and annoying. But a comedy which isn't trying too hard, as a dumb Adam Sandler movie does, to make you laugh but still makes you laugh is an excellent film. Lake Placid is it. The best part was that I couldn't garner a single thing about how good or bad the film was from any of the reviews I had read before I went to see it. Brendan Gleeson as the hic Sheriff really deserves most of the credit for making this film awesome. But, of course, since he is not a big name, you don't ever hear anything about him. Instead you hear about Bill Pullman, who is nothing special in this film.
  • I've just I've just watched Lake Placid on cable and I can safely say that never before in my 27 years have I ever been so unexpectantly and pleasantly surprised by a movie. To be fair, I was preparing to give this movie 15 mins before I turned it over - but what a treat it was!!!

    The opening croc scene has great gore effects. Bridget Fonda then kicks in and her sarcasm, wit and comic timing are a joy to behold - I can't believe I'm saying this, but after her first few scene's I was thinking 'Oscar winner'. It takes the viewer three of four scene's, around 20 minutes, to be sure that this film is a p*ss take. Its tongue in cheek and it's superb.

    The banter between the mad old rich croc hunter and the county sheriff is hilarious - I was laughing out load so much - and was thoroughly charmed at the same time.

    Anyone who slags this movie off is clearly missing the point. Its not comedy in the orthodox sense and it certainly isn't horror. It's very subtle and very clever.

    Sad it crashed at the box office - perhaps they should have marketed it differently.

  • I have to admit that I might only think this movie is not bad because I heard such horrible reviews for it, that when I actually saw it, I was like "That wasn't bad at all." I'm sure if I had heard it was great and saw it, I probably would have said "Really? That sucked." But I honestly didn't mind it at all. It had it's moments. The only real problem I had with it that got more and more irritating was whoever wrote the sarcastic one liners for this movie must have thought they were a lot more hilarious than they were. All of Hector's (Oliver Platt) sarcastic come back's to the sheriff were SO irritating and annoying. I love sarcasm, but whoever wrote those come back's and one liners must be an idiot who thinks that anything u say in a mean and sarcastic way is funny. Like when they're in the boat and Hector says to the sheriff something to the affect of "When friends or family say things, they tend not to register, so sometimes it helps hearing it from a total're fat." Was that really supposed to sound clever? And his "Oh my, the earth is round and so should you be" line he says to him was so wannabe original and unfunny. ESPECIALLY since Oliver Platt is fat too! Which makes it even more annoying. And when Hector gets surprised while setting a trap at night and they start arguing and he says to the sheriff "These traps could save your life. And the longer you live, the more sex you get to have with your SISTER!" He yelled that line so loud and angry and annoying, like it was supposed to be a good one. So dumb. My wish is that the writer sees this review. Lol. I want him to know what a dumb as* he is. Not for the whole movie. Just for his attempt at good sarcastic humor. Sorry for harping so long about it. Just really almost ruins the movie. Bette White has a few lines like that too. And the only reason i'm not complaining about those is because of the fact that Bette White actually made them funny. Which no one else probably could have. Aside from all that, the movie isn't that bad at all. Just be prepared to be annoyed. Unless u actually have a lame sense of humor, and confuse lame sarcasm, with actual creative and witty sarcasm. :-)
  • After numerous reports of strange deaths are reported in a Maine lake, a wildlife officer and a local ranger find the cause to be a monstrous crocodile inhabiting the waters and try to stop its' rampage on the locals.

    This here turned out to be one of the better animal-on-the-loose types of films around. One of the better elements here is the fact that this one manages to inject such a good amount of quality comedy into the proceedings that this doesn't make it feel like an attempt to copy the style of film at the time but more about a film that just happened to feature people who had a strong sense of humor. This makes it a lot more believable as a comedy than expected, as the physical gags and outstanding verbal jabs thrown at everyone makes it a lot more enjoyable than expected with the banter between everyone is brought out instead of being glossed over and forgotten, as everyone has a few good put-downs along with several really good one-liners. When it gets down to the horror elements, this one is outstanding as well with plenty of good fun to be had had here as the switch-over is handled in the right manner, as the film is serious when it needs to be and funny when seriousness has run its course. That seriousness starts with some fine stalking scenes including one where it backs a diver halfway across the lake as it floats on the surface waiting to attack or an underwater ambush in its lair that gets a good shock jump. Among other outstanding scenes is the high-action finale that ends this in great fashion as the chase through the lake finally ends with the exciting helicopter attack, the utterly fun manner of containing and trapping the creature as well as the final shock-jump that works nicely. As well, the few other attacks in here are quite fun as well as getting in some solid gore here, as it is pretty ample. Add in some great animatronics and CGI so seamless it looks like one monster throughout for the crocodile and this one is a fine creature feature.

    Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language and violence-against-animals.
  • An amusing take on the low-budget monster movies of the seventies, this is also a kind of follow-up to the Alligator movies of the early eighties. It wasn't a success, maybe due to the title - potential viewers may think it's a documentary about a lake - but is consistently humorous, thanks to a good cast. Fonda, as a paleontologist sent to investigate a sudden death by large teeth on the lake in question, is purposely irritating in the 'fish out of water' role. She reveals a surprising knack for comedy, the city girl from New Yawk stuck in the forest. Platt & Gleeson squabble like two long-lost overweight brothers as respectfully, eccentric millionaire & sheriff. Platt is always funny, and Gleeson matches him here. Pullman makes less of an impression, underplaying as the guy in charge. Betty White is a hoot as the foul-mouthed local old lady with a secret.

    The monster in question, a 30-foot croc, stays out of sight for the first half-hour and when it does appear, it's strangely unsurprising, despite the suddenness. It's as if we've seen so many of these 'large animal' pictures by this point, this is just another one in a long line. It's a weird money shot as well, involving a growling bear, and is not as effective as it should be. Thanks to modern special FX, computer and otherwise, the croc is better realized than those of 20 years earlier. But that could be a problem: integrated into the wilderness like any other animal, there's nothing about the creature, despite its size, to inspire awe or real terror. It's just a big crocodile, after all. Like "Anaconda", this inspired a slew of big croc & alligator movies for the Sci-Fi Channel. UPDATE: Speaking of which, a sequel came out on the SF channel in late April, 2007.
  • The only thing placid about LAKE PLACID is Bill Pullman in one of his blander characterizations--but he's still a charmer. Bridget Fonda exchanges some good barbs with him--as does Brendan Gleeson (as the local sheriff) and Oliver Platt (as a wacko crocodile hunter). All of them are after the crock that's been lurking in the Maine lake and hungry for the next meal.

    It's an uneven blend of nervous thrills (especially during any underwater scenes) and laughter--played to perfection. Brendan Gleeson's character manages to draw the most attention and the most laughs as the sheriff who tangles with an eccentric hunter (Oliver Platt). Platt is good but his character tends to be annoying at times.

    Betty White plays a variation of her usual stock comedy character and provides an amusing twist for the final scene. Bridget Fonda looks attractive and handles her sharp exchanges with Pullman in a throughly professional manner.

    An odd sort of movie that combines comedy and horror with mostly satisfying results. Not exactly a trailblazer but fun.
  • Scientifically weak but retread plot is presented with a comedic spin. Not simply another Jaws ripoff and even once you have seen the beast a few times it still makes you jump. Lots to get excited about in the theater but not really scary.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Big bugger movie that pulls the "big bugger" stuff off well. Good plot, nice and rewarding story. But none of that matters.

    This movie runs on dialog and timing. The stars are not Bill Pullman and Bridget Fonda, though they officiate their status admirably.

    The star is the dialog, with everyone, but nothing in the movie can compete with the "verbal boxing" between Oliver Platt and Brendan Gleeson.

    Their reluctantly evolving mutual respect is brilliant and hilarious. Side splitting hilarious.

    Betty White is a brilliant aside.

    All the asides meld and fuse in genius combination.

    The tale is mediocre but right on for this kind of film but the whole is raised to a worship-able level via the dialog and beautiful plot-tension between characters.

    There should have been some kind of Oscar for Platt and Gleeson's roles.

    "Best retorts or something ...". They make the movie.

    Good action. Scary at times.

    Comedy relief rules.

    Love the movie.
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