An English-language version of The Long Hello and Short Goodbye struggled to reach the screen for years from producer John Woo and his partner Terence Chang, and director Gustavo Mosquera R.

The original Long Hello and Short Goodbye script featured a complex and challenging structure that jumped back-and-forth in time. Shortly before its release, an increasingly nervous Studio Hamburg hastily re-edited the picture into a mostly linear narrative. Although the film received a positive review in Daily Variety that called it "impressive, sexy filmmaking, with offshore distribution a possibility and exposure at broad-minded fests, where genre fans should lap it up, strongly signaled," the reviews were mixed, with some calling it a German masterpiece and other critics openly hostile. The cast, director, producers and writers still hope for a director's cut someday to restore the original picture.

Cath Coffey and Terranova's Walk with Me (Peace is Tough) from the Long Hello soundtrack continues to get considerable airplay.