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  • lor_10 November 2022
    A forerunner of today's crappiest porn, this early video production (dating way back to 1982) banks on mocking religion as its hook for non-stop sex. With just three players and two scenes (one of which is poor continuity sex lasting nearly an hour) it presages 21st Century porn vignettes of the 30-minutes-plus-plus variety.

    Ron Jeremy plays a pastor with a fake Southern accent, clothed as a playboy (why?) who has sex with two pretty school girls. It's a parochial school, and Cody Nicole and Nicole Black are sent twice by an off-screen voice to the Pastor's office, guilty of passing notes in class.

    Jeremy pretends to resist, but after using a rule for punishment (hitting their palms, which the girls seem to enjoy), there's endess threesome sex for the duration. Good news for his fans is that Ron is trim of figure and rock hard, not his later repulsive looking self. Bad news is that this all-sex junker is unwatchable.

    All the crew credits are silly, as they must have been ashamed of themselves. Bloated running time is 84, not 64 minutes.