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  • I bought this on VHS on a Leasure Time Concepts which is an adult video catalog my friend had back in the late 80s. Very good sex scenes in a theme revolving around office work.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's simply terrible that this title is out of print and most likely will never be printed again. It's very difficult even finding information out online about this video, although very common with videos of this era. The plot for this thing is the regular hokey porn plot but there are a few scenes to take note on. The Jade East/ Don Fernando scene is alright, although nothing to write home about as well as the "Italian Stallion"/ Tisa scene (although Tisa looks fantastic in this movie). The biggest (and best overall) scene is the Aja / Sharon Mitchell lesbian scene somewhere in the middle of the movie, both actresses are known for their true blue passion when they made adult films and in this scene the pair of them really heat it up. If you can find a copy of this movie (and actually like lesbian action) I highly recommend it, if only for the lesbian scene.