Actor Nagesh was partially interested in portraying the thieving grandmother role, and felt he would have taken it to a different level according to Kamal Hassan.

According to writer Crazy Mohan writing Aboorva Sagodharagal was a rehearsal for Michael Madana Kamarajan because with this film, he used fine tune the scenes like crazy, his initial script had only a few dots and crosses.

According to actress Khushbu in the pre climax scene when she points the gun the entire group starts moving together, doing the same movement, trying to escape was completely spontaneous and improvised. Stating further in the scene where she somersaults when the grandma pushes her onto the bed was improvised too. She had done it during rehearsal and Kamal Hassan wanted it in the final take.

For the climax scene shot at Mohan studios, it was an engineer who erected the set along with the art director, as it had to be a rocking set, they made a metal platform as the base and raised the wooden set on top of it, doing precise weight balancing. They disassembled the set and took it to Conoor, where they shot the exterior scenes at Dolphin's nose, to match the interior scenes.

According to the production manager Subbu Panchu "In those days, people used to get call sheets of actors in piecemeal basis. But for this film, we committed artistes by getting bulk dates for them. They shot the scenes involving one set of actors in one stretch. Only after shooting the individual segments they went for the climax. The entire movie was shot in 75-80 days"

The Climax scenes alone took 22 days to shoot. The production team had about a month's dates from the artists, just for the climax alone.

Prabhu deva Choreographed the Rum Bum Bum song, it was shot over 3 days.

Without any Visual effects nor blue or green matte, the movie was done the old school way using Mitchell Camera. Kamal Hassan had to visualise the character opposite to him and perform accordingly. As there was only a dummy next to him.

Actor Santhana Bharathi wasn't in the initial scheme of things and was casted as Michael's father when he went to meet Kamal Hassan on the sets of the movie for some other work. According to him Kamal Hassan and the director were very clear on what was happening in the movie as it was shot in segments, whereas the artistes would wonder what was happening in the scene.

It was the first time a tilted set was used in Indian cinema for the climax portion of the movie. It was very challenging for the actors to keep their balance and perform when the set tilted.

This is the first movie Kamal Hassan has done four roles

In the scene where Madan meets Raju at his place, Bheem says he can see four of them instead of two because they stand facing the mirror. This is a subtle hint to the fact that there are actually four of them who look alike who are yet to be confronted in the movie.