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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This has "diddy wah" to do with the great Mondo Cane.

    A couple of Jac and Prosper wannabes leaped on the bandwagon about 25 years too late. Thought you could rip off the title and make one as good did you? WRONG.

    This was a bunch of throwaway vignettes that you'll never see on TV due to the graphicness. And you shouldn't see it on tape due to it's patheticness.

    The scene with the baboon getting its rocks removed was THE scene. And you wondered why exactly they were doing this. Nothing scientifically had to do with it. Just watch the poor thing suffer.

    Avoid this like the crud that it is.
  • mrdonleone26 November 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Things I wish to remember about Mondo cane 2000: BDSM massage parlor, vivisection on monkey, castration on monkeys, taxi chauffeurs watching porn movies in their cars, a yoga center with sounds of cum shots to calm the participants down, the first gay pride parade, ehm what else was there, o yeah, rotting corpses and lots of them as well, a it cultish and mystic here: in total, worth only as curiosity, as document of it's time however long time (up)dated by now.