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  • While Goebbels may have seen no great artistic merit in this movie, that wasn't of course a reason to dismiss it. Its appeal was to the Volksgenossen, and intended to create positive national sentiments.

    Pretty much most every propaganda button is pressed, as it should be; no, as it must be, and in this it is no different from any similarly pitched movie, from any side of any trench in any war. Subtlety is lost on the masses and sledge-hammers are very good at cracking nuts. There is though, no tug on the heart strings that other examples of the propagandist's art such as Hitlerjunge Quex or Ohm Kruger, do so well.

    Ritter has embraced all branches of the armed forces and from each planted examples of daring-do. Included is a Luftwaffe rescue from English soil and the Kriegsmarine ensuring that their once captive compatriots reach safety in the warm and welcoming arms of the Spanish.

    The enemy here – the British, French and Poles - are treated with contempt and disdain: at once gullible, manipulative, conniving and treacherous, not to mention swarthy or subject to unflattering camera angles and lighting. They are no match at all really for German industry, bravery and cunning. And that relentless good humour and stoicism!

    It is the German who is sporting; who is honest and forthright in his and her intentions.

    While for the military hardware enthusiast, this movie doesn't quite rank with Besatzung Dora, DIII 88 or Stukas! (all of which are also available from IHF), there are nonetheless fine moments to be had.

    This particular print is generally an excellent one, even if the sound is sometimes a little muddy. Subtitling was a challenge though in that much dialogue literally flies off the screen. A good case perhaps for less being more. But who am I to quibble? Despite the inclusion of the ubiquitous but execrable Carl Raddatz, for which I've docked it a star, this is a fine example of Ritter's superior skills, and the art of not so subtle movie making with a message. Even if delivered wrapped around a brick.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Good god! Now you see the Nazi Germans,the poor ,poor Nazi German, being put in A french Concentration camp!How opposite that was compared to real life.As much as I complained that I.h.f is discriminatory against the non political entertainment sides of the third Reich ,Thanks to Rare films and more dot com has more variety,but uneven quality, most mainstream companies won't touch either.Turner classic movies has not premiered another Nazi classic film ,since Titanic.Janus, Warner home video, Kino on video,except for what they had already sold, I believe are politically correct against dealing with these films.This is stupid.Thank goodness for i.h.f.I think this is the second political Nazi propaganda film that teamed both Berta Drews, the wife of Heinrich George, and Fritz Camper ,once again as husband and wife, Since Furlough on words for honor ,1938. This ,of course, was directed by the king of Nazi propaganda cinema,Karl Ritter.He must have been really booed of the industry after the war.His last involvement in film was 1950.This funny Nazi propaganda film. Portrays Nazi Germans as the victims of the United states ,Britain , France and the Czech republic as the bad guys.A bunch of Tyrolean singers,who look like they are imitations of the Von Trapp Family,are immediately arrested and sent to a french concentration camps.Fritz attempts to escape it twice.He wins the second ,but, this concentration camp looks more like a cheap hotel resort.His son ,played by Son .played by Joachim Brenneke volunteers to fight for his family and sorry a- furor.,leaving Berta by her self working in the Nazi factory ,In France Carl Raddatz and his french Girl friend , played by Maria Bard, is arrested.She does not end up in this resort looking concentration camp ,but ,Carl does.She get help from Anti Nazi Oscar Sima,who portrays a Austrian radio personality.Carl goes along with him to get out and go back to Germany,meantime he's worried about his brother ,who's serving the sorry furor, played by Hannes Stelzer,who has been in other Nazi propaganda films.Three Luftwaffe's, who are being attacked,I think, by American soldiers, get rescued by other Luftwaffe,portrayed by Carl John,George Thomalla and Joseph Dahmen, actors who appeared in other pro war Nazi propaganda films.Maria Von Ditmarr, of Munchhausen fame ,as well as in films like g.p.u. shows up in the film as well.There's a anti french anti British Burlesque show,in one of the french night club ,topped off with an integrated man and women dance teams,The man white and the women black.Is that suppose to be Nazi racism? It's more topped off by lies .That once very on gets back to Germany and they all volunteer and succeed in bombing France, Poland and England,over throwing these country's This provers how delusional Goebbels was .What a fantasy,that the poor German people were duped to believe .As I stated the Classic corporate and broadcast classic film distributor are politically correct against Broadcasting any of these films or distributing them. The money grubbing Corporate film Journalist pretend that they don't exist. They been this way since 1977,when the video revolution started.Worth seeing. From original 35mm print. including footage of Loyd George and Winston Churchill 05/23/14 Corrections 05/25/14. The soldier that were shooting at Hans Stelzer ,Joseph Damen and George Thomalla were Poles. Oscar Sima portrays a Jewish radio personality, of a human rights organization. The Von Trapp family impersonators are sent to a British concentration camp.Carl John was in a different airplane, not with Damen,Stelzer or Thomalla