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  • The only thing that sunk this series was its timing. Produced in 1986, it was considered too similar to the highly successful "Robin of Sherwood" (1984-86) film series that had just finished its run in June. "William Tell" as it was called in the UK was shown at primetime in Summer 1989 and just didn't get the viewing figures. Actually a sumptuously filmed quality production with a stunning soundtrack, filmed in France and Europe, the similarities with its British cousin (RoS) were just too much.
  • Years ago did I watch these series on television. The actors were perfect for the roles! Especially Will Lyman alias William Tell and Jeremy Clyde alias Hermann Gessler. The soundtrack and music is made by Stanislas Syrewicz and is very good. The story is also good with very much action and stunts, but NOT too much violence and I think that that is important for children.

    The creator of this series did a great job! Pity that it doesn't come up that much on television. I prefer this serie to Robin Hood or Ivan Hoe. Crossbow is great!
  • Hello I am surprised to see there are a TV movie and a TV series. The first one (Adventures of William Tell) is a TV movie from 1986. Then we have the TV series known as Crossbow (1987-1989). It's very rare not to see Tell and Gessler on the credits in Crossbow. Nor Horst. But they were there. Will Lyman as William Tell and Jeremy Clyde as Gov. Hermann Gessler were two great characters, two great actors.

    I saw the TV series in Barcelona some years ago. I remember it was a great series. I don't remember a "end" for the series. Last episodes were very dark and confusing. I'm almost sure there was no last episode showing Gessler's death. More comments, please!