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  • Ostensibly a porn-parody by the current definition, Henri Pachard/Raven Touchstone's feature shot a decade after Tony Scott's cult classic looks at the perils of immortality in a dead-serious fashion.

    Instead of the memorably off-beat cast of the original (Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie and Susan Sarandon), we have Rebecca Wild, Jon Dough and Ona Zee as the unusual love triangle.

    Zee and Dough have been alive thousands of years, dating back to the era of the Greek gods, and remain young by feeding on the passion of humans every three weeks. They aren't vampires but rather suck the life force from their victims by making love to them.

    Wild is a prostitute offered by Zee to Dough as his next "meal", but he falls in love with her instead. Suspense is generated by the "will he or won't he" tension, leading to a couple of plot twists and a very satisfying happy ending.

    While Wilde and Zee are both convincing and sexually arousing in their roles, Dough delivers his lines by rote and is a very wooden leading man. This makes me wonder for the umpteenth time (I've seen him in at least 100 features and videos over the years) why he was so acclaimed in the Adult industry in the 1990s, given numerous (phony) industry awards.