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  • It's tough sledding watching the majority of '80s porn videos, a careless and in retrospect trivial era. JUST LIKE SISTERS on DVD is marketed as part of the current wave of interest in fake-incest content, but it has nothing to do with family relations.

    Instead, it's the non-story of a girl who needs roommates due to a rent increase. She interviews folks, humping occurs and that's all she wrote. I guess some of the prospects could be called sisters much in the way bro and brothers are now meaningless terms, but so what? Premise is further diluted with guys also applying, including a gay guy (not for long here) Tony played by Don Fernando.

    Besides the seemingly always topical issue of rent increase, video also hits a chord with a subject unbelievably immortalized by IMDb as a keyword!: Jade East is reading a copy of Life magazine and starts raving about her love for Mike Tyson. Later gay Tony reveals he also has the hots for the champ. If this were a big-budget movie (like THE HANGOVER) they could have arranged for an Iron Mike cameo, but this improvised nonsense goes nowhere..

    Meager content includes Ron Jeremy popping up as a bum, Jessica Longe as a buck-toothed secretary and Buck Adams as his usual womanizer. When star Frankie Leigh finally humps Tony the video ends right on cue, and not a moment too soon.

    Footnote: Just to confuse matters: Tony the main character is played by Don Fernando, who I often confuse with Tony Montana, latter cast here improbably as "Schlomo". i watched the video (at least segments of it) several times to confirm this and have submitted a correction to IMDb (which had them reversed).