Frightening & Intense Scenes (7)

  • Severe
  • The show highlights many various hard-hitting topics such as mental health/illness, PTSD, depression, dementia, dysfunctional families, murder, cancer, rape, sexual harassment, organized crime, domestic violence, discrimination, family estrangement, gambling addiction, infidelity, existential crises, suicide, and drug and alcohol abuse.
  • The main character Tony Soprano has several violent outbursts throughout the show. They get worse as the show progresses.
  • Many of the dream sequences portrayed in the show are frightening and quite disturbing.
  • The show can be extremely suspenseful and intense. Major and minor characters are killed, sometimes suddenly.
  • The death of boby bacala is very emotional
  • In Season 5 Adriana La Cerva get shot this one of the saddest moments in tv history
  • Dr. Melfi's rape scene is extremely brutal and disturbing. It lasts around a minute and it doesn't cut in any moment. Probably too strong for some viewers.