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  • like many films from Comunist period, its basic virtue is the cast. the major sin - dialogs. the heart - errors of characters who improvise normal existence. a engineer. a prosecutor. theirs boys. carting contest in Sunday. an accident. guilty - the engineer. long talks with prosecutor like profound moral lessons. nothing special. except the great actors, many go to the eternal. a movie - testimony. about the politic of correctness in Ceaușescu years. about social values, big box for hide social misery. the "wooden language" and sketches of feelings. fake solutions and precious responsibility. a movie as a isle. about an old Romania and its crisis. about errors, ambitions and falls. like slices from eternal story.
  • actors saving a mediocre script. a moral lesson by Comunist regime. the wooden language, crisis of fake philosophy, cold dialogues, an error who defines characters and social relations. nothing new in the cinematography of the period. but useful for understand the rules of ideological command. the isles of humor, the carting competition , the science of Amza Pellea to use crumbs of script to build a credible character, the role of Radu Beligan who seems be almost hilarious strange force shirt, the effort of actors to give life to a story who seems full of non sense are few pieces who save Tată de Duminică. sure, not enough. but nothing is perfect and the desire to ignore that could be exactly this film.