Vlad Tepes: Who killed him?

Nobleman: Me, your highness.

Vlad Tepes: Did you have an arrangement?

Nobleman: I did it by myself. I smoothed your way to the throne.

Vlad Tepes: Bury him with the honors due to a lord. And he... should perish by the spear with which he killed.

Nobleman: Why, your highness? If I hadn't done it, you would.

Vlad Tepes: I haven't sworn to be faithful to him.

Vlad Tepes: It is not your country, boyars. You belong to this country. And me as well, I belong to this country. One says Ladislau of Hungary, not Hungary of Ladislau, Kazimir of Poland, not Poland of Kazimir. If it weren't this way, the countries would perish with their lords, and with their boyars.

Vlad Tepes: In order to convert ten sinners into righteous men, one man should die. In order to convert one hundred, ten must perish, serving as an example. In vain you ask the thief not to steal, the killer not to kill. Asking doesn't accomplish anything. It's not the love of God that brings people to the church, but the fear of the hell's throes.

Vlad Tepes: Freedom cannot be bought. You say the price is low. Don't fool yourselves. It will always increase until one day... the price of freedom will be freedom itself! God forbid that day! Then it will be too late!