Turles: Kakarot, you raised this Saiyan too much like an Earthling!

Goku: I raised him to know the difference between good and evil, unlike some people!

Turles: I know the difference, I just don't care! But I used to!

Turles: You think I resemble Kakarot? Well, of course... we're both lower-class warriors and there's only a few types like us.

Gohan: Dad, you caught me... There was a big monkey, and he started smashing into things...

Turles: [to Gohan] How'd you like to join me kid? We'll travel the universe and destroy a few planets, what do you say? It'll be fun!

Turles: Kakarot, you are a disgrace to your people. Thousands of years of evolution and you cast it aside for a multitude of weaklings!

Gohan: I'll be better from now on, mom. Promise.

Chi-Chi: Good, because we need a lawyer in the family, Gohan, in case you Z-Fighters are fined for property damage!

Yamcha: Come on, I can totally help Gohan with his school work.

Chi-Chi: That's exactly what I'm afraid of!

Yamcha: Wait, I forgot to call Bulma!

Goku: I... I don't know any Kakarot. That's... not my name!

Turles: Don't you lie to me!

Goku: My name's Goku! Goku!

Turles: Then, die here, fool!

[blasts Goku]

Piccolo: Goku, you have to keep fighting! Get up!

Tien: Please, you're our only hope!

Goku: Piccolo... Yamcha... I feel too weak... I can't even move...

Krillin: Please, Goku... Remember us, we're your friends!

Chiaotzu: We're with you, Goku...

Turles (Ocean Group dub): Kakarot, you're a strong fighter and if you want my forgiveness kneel down before me and and I will welcome you and you're son as my comrades.

Goku (Ocean Group dub): I told you, that my name is Goku!

Turles (Ocean Group dub): Enough, and let me warn you do not challenge me because I know where the fruit from the Tree of Might is. Heh heh heh. The difference between our powers is as different as Heaven and Earth!

Goku (Ocean Group dub): Is that your way of saying you don't like to lose?

Turles (Ocean Group dub): Beg for forgiveness! And if your lucky, I might spare your worthless life.

Goku (Ocean Group dub): No, I made a promise to Gohan, I will beat you!

Turles (Ocean Group dub): You fool, Kakarot.

Goku (Ocean Group dub): Listen, my name is Goku!

Turles (Ocean Group dub): You ingrate! Die!

[Turles blasts Goku in the back with several energy blasts]

Turles: [to Piccolo] Who the hell are you?

Amond: Why don't you put your money where your mouth is!

Cacao: The first thing is to wipe out this filthy planet.

Amond: Don't worry. From what I've seen, that won't be very difficult.

Turles: Yes. You men focus on that. Leave the weak excuse of a Saiyan to me.

Goku: You put this tree on our planet... but you never asked.

Daiz: Personally, I think it makes the forest look better. It can stand as the lone pillar of strength on this planet.

Turles: He is a Saiyan. Saiyans never perish. They just skewer!

Turles (Ocean Group dub): C'mon! Is that the best you can do? You're amusing me! Don't give up yet!

Goku (Ocean Group dub): Kaio Ken... times ten!