This is the only movie (and only time in all DBZ, for that matter) in which Yamcha wears a Gi with the turtle symbol on the front and the King Kai symbol on the back. His Gi of choice after being resurrected in the series is the opposite (Kai in front, turtle at the back - and he is the only character to wear a Gi of this style).

Movie is set after the fight with the Saiyans.

Only theatrical movie in the Z series to feature a Great Ape transformation.

First movie to feature a Saiyan as the villain.

One of only four Z theatrical movies in which Tien appears.

In the Danish and French dub version of the movie, Turles is stated to be Goku's brother. This was likely a way of explaining their physical similarities for that version.

Holds the distinction of having the most English dubs out of any Dragon Ball-related media. There have been five official English dubs - the edited 1997 FUNimation dub (with Ocean and Saban), the uncut 1998 FUNimation dub (with Ocean and Pioneer), the 1999 Malaysian-English Speedy Video dub, the 2003 AB Groupe dub, and the 2006 FUNimation in-house redub.

In one scene, there is a Ferris wheel that says D.B.Z.

The film was shown at the 1990 Toei Anime Fair film festival, as part of an triple feature titled Akira Toriyama: The World (the other two films were Kennosuke-sama (1990) and Pink mizu-dorobô ame-dorobô (1990), anime versions of his one-shot stories).

This is the only Dragon Ball Z film to have two different replacement soundtracks, the 1997 Ron Wasserman score from FUNimation's initial attempt at an English dub, and the Nathan M. Johnson score from FUNimation's later in-house redub.

Second movie in which Goku defeats the main villain with a Spirit Bomb.