This is the first Dragon Ball Z movie in which Master Roshi actually fights. However, it would be 25 years later before he would fight again, in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection "F" (2015).

This movie features the final appearance of the Power Pole (Nyoibô).

This is the only Dragon Ball Z movie that does not feature any character transforming.

The villains are named after food from Nagoya, "Dragon Ball" creator Akira Toriyama's hometown: Dr. Uiro (Dr. Wheelo in the English dub) was named after "uiro", a traditional rice cake. Dr. Kochin was named after the Cochin chicken, a meat especially popular in Nagoya. Kishime was named after kishimen, a type of noodles popular in Nagoya. Ebifurya was named after ebi-furai (fried prawn). Misokatsun was named after misokatsu (pork cutlets with miso sauce).

Dr. Wheelo is the first villain ever killed by the Spirit Bomb (Genki-dama).

When Dr. Wheelo attempts to transfer his mind into Goku's body, the theme track for Frieza (another DBZ villain) is heard.