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  • This the first movie released during the Japanese TV run of Dragon Ball. Basically, this movie is a re-telling of how the main characters (Goku, Bulma, Oolong, Yamcha, Puar, and Master Roshi) of Dragon Ball meet. In the movie, however, as they meet, they help a farmer's daughter named Penny save her village from its wicked king, Gurumes, who's seeking the Dragon Balls to wish for lots of food to eat to satisfy his hunger. The movie re-creates some rather hilarious sequences from the Pilaf Saga episodes of Dragon Ball, giving it a generally family-friendly atmosphere. In the U.S., this movie, re-titled "Curse Of The Blood Rubies", was released on syndicated TV as a 2-part series pilot, but the editing and dubbing was done well enough that much of the movie mirrors its original Japanese counterpart.

    GRADE: 4 out of 5 stars
  • Just recently I've begun to watch the entire series from the first episode with English subtitles. The Japanese version is by far much better than the English version of the series because of the lack of censorship on it.

    This being said, having to watch "Curse of the Blood Rubies" with an English dub was a little painful for me. Don't get me wrong! The dub in Dragon Ball and this movie are very good, but they just don't compare to the way it's originally meant to be heard and seen.

    If you're new to the Dragon Ball franchise, this movie is a great place to pick up if you don't feel like watching the first saga of the series. Though the story is different in MANY aspects, it can sum up a ton of episodes in a very short period of time if you want to just jump into the action of the series.

    All of the main characters are introduced with the exception of Emperor Pilaf and his goons, whom are in the first saga. In place of Pilaf, you'll be meeting King Gurumes. The way the characters meet is a bit different, but you'll end up in about the same place with either the series or this movie.

    Blood Rubies is a bit more "cutesy" than the original Dragon Ball series in my opinion, and seems to be a bit more aimed at a younger audience than the series itself is. That doesn't mean it's a bad movie though, but anyone coming in directly from the series may find themselves a tad disappointed.

    Overall I recommend this movie to anyone who's interested in the Dragon Ball series, regardless if you've seen the first saga or not. It's a fun animation, and though a bit slow in some parts, will keep you interested until the end.
  • I thought this movie served as an excellent introduction to the series, and because it's a semi original plotline, those who have seen the series will enjoy another outing with Son Goku.

    The animation is good, and (while I prefer the japanese) the english dubbing isn't half bad. The story line is simple, involving basically the dragonball gang looking for the something while a giant army does the same, resulting in a multitude of exciting (and never repetitive) fights. Lots of humor, lot's of action, and excellent characters, what more could you possibly ask for?

    I definately give this movie an A+!
  • An alternate storyline of the origins in the Dragonball series. The plot and characters are the same. The story is the only thing made different for this movie. Bulma, a girl searching for the seven dragon balls has come across Goku who owns one of them. After they got acquainted with each other, they decided to set off on a journey to search for the other dragon balls.

    On the way there are plenty of new friends who have their own reasons for searching the dragon balls. And soon enter a kingdom which is facing it's own depression. Lead by a Gourmeth who has been cursed by the Blood Rubies which changed his personality. Gourmeth is also trying to collect all 7 dragon balls for his own reason. Will Goku save the Kingdom and cure Gourmeth's curse? The introduction and flow of this movie is very different compared to the TV series. And features several characters you won't see anywhere else. Despite it being only being less than an hour, and containing some similar moments from the earlier part of the TV series. Curse of the Blood Rubies is good for Dragonball's first movie.

    Even One Piece has a lot of alternate movies made of the series.

    I only saw the edited version of this movie. And yet to see the uncut version of it, which is the only uncut Dragonball movie to not have an Uncut DVD. And might be seeing one sometime.
  • Being a huge fan of the Dragonball franchise, I simply had to watch this, although I do just watch all available movies. Now, the weird thing is that I had no idea what the plot of this film was. It turns out it's actually a retelling of the original "Dragonball" series! I admit that I was kind of turned off by the idea that I would just see the same stories that I had seen before. I actually ended up enjoying this film because even though it doesn't really add anything new to a great franchise, it was enjoyable in its own right. It helps that the animation is so gorgeous.

    It's great to see these classic characters even if it's not an original concept. It was weird how they replaced Emperor Pilaf and his minions with these new characters. I mean, they act nothing like Pilaf and his henchmen. It doesn't matter, because it still captures the spirit of the Dragonball series. It's always weird to see this much material being put in a 50 minute movie! I actually was impressed with the end result. I would recommend this to non fans if only so they could get a nice introduction to the series. It's just great to see the first in a huge movie series. This movie is definitely not canon. Puar's voice is as funny as ever. ***
  • It's been a really long time since the first time I watched this movie. I was still on school, back in the mid 90s.

    This alternate re-telling of the Dragon Ball first episodes kept the original spirit of the story, and seems more appropriate for younger audiences.

    It is a classic I have on my old VHS collection, that I'm looking forward to replace with DVD-Blu Ray release. A must have for every Dragon Ball fan.

    There's even a live action remake of this movie, made in Taiwan! Don't miss that one!
  • bazmitch2323 April 2019
    The whole movie is only 50 minutes long, that's not a movie. Although, rumour has it that this is an edited version. Next problem is that it is a whole retelling of the first season! Why? They do the same jokes and same dialogue. Also when a new character is introduced, the movie just rushes it and moves on without getting to know them. As for the Dragon ball search, it is rushed too. The gang just happens to find the Dragonballs in the finale all at once! 😕 Erm......

    Overall, a waste of time. Only worth watching it you don't wanna sit through the whole of Season 1.
  • This movie is fantastic. In the original japanese version, the action and voice action was terrific! The dub was merely okay, but Saffron Henderson did an excellent job dubbing goku... The japanese version is better but the dub is okay. Look at your local blockbuster and pick it up!!!