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  • I watched the movie significant others the series and now I wish it was never canceled.This series would have been a great show to watch especially if they aired it now.It really related to the way I have been feeling in life and not knowing what to do with it.Not many shows or movies depict what it is really like being a young adult and confused about the future.To know that not everyone has it all planned out and to know everyone makes mistakes was the best message ever! It was really comforting to know that these feeling are so normal that they are worth making a series or a movie out of.The only thing i wish is that significant others aired again.
  • It really is a shame that in Australia this very funny and very witty show never got a proper run. It was shown at 1 a.m on Thursday nights (Friday mornings). That was the greatest disappointment for a program from the creators of 'Party Of Five' that had more class and style than that lack luster show.

    The leads were especially impressive and I have followed their careers ever since. In particular Eion Bailey who had a mighty turn in Fight Club and Jennifer Garner who is starring in Pearl Harbor next year. As for Scott Bairstow the poor guy has starred in another failed series, Harsh Realm, created by Chris Carter.

    As it stands I feel it is one of the greatest missed hits in t.v history but at least it introduced us to some of the freshest talent in the world.

    10/10 - Great Show!!!