Corinne Coles: You've undermined me all my life. You've only loved part of me, and that's not enough.

Gram: How can... how can you say that? I... I dedicated my life to you.

Corinne Coles: You've always measured me by your standards. My mother was never happy because of you. I married for the wrong reasons, because for you.

Gram: Talk... all this talk is nonsense. You should be thinking about Shelby's wedding.

Corinne Coles: My life is falling apart. My husband is leaving me.

Gram: I don't want to think about that. I can't... I can't think about that.

Corinne Coles: You should think about that. You should think about what you've done to me, and my mother, and my father.

Corinne Coles: I know it was harsh when I spoke of you being a stain on your in-laws' sheets. It's because I was a stain on my mother's.

Tina McNeil: I think Daddy wants you to be our new mommy. Will you, Shelby?

Meade Howell: I need to talk to you, Shel.

Shelby Coles: No, it's not a good time.

Meade Howell: No, I need to talk to you now. Listen, I thought that music came first, and I was wrong. You come before that. I love you. And I am not going to let you just walk away with no good reason.

Shelby Coles: I think I've given you very good reasons, Meade.

Meade Howell: Why, Shel? Because we can't stay in the same hotel in Georgia? We'll make them let us stay in the same hotel!

Shelby Coles: No, it's because I don't think I want to spend my whole life fighting, defending who we are. Proving to the whole world that we have a right to be together!