• 75
    Andy Seiler USA Today
    Fans will appreciate not only that the film is predictably solid and surprisingly sharp but that parts of it are just plain bad.
  • 75
    Michael Wilmington Chicago Tribune
    There's the script -- and that's the problem.
  • 75
    Howard Cohen Miami Herald
    You can't beat a Bond film for adventure on a grand scale.
  • 70
    Sean Means Film.com
    Isn't quite enough to save the Bond franchise -- but it does prove that 007 is Y2K-compliant.
  • 67
    Shawn Levy Portland Oregonian
    Apted ("Gorillas in the Mist," "Coal Miner's Daughter") keeps things low-key and low-tech, which makes some of the cliched Bondisms a bit easier to swallow.
  • 63
    Lawrence Toppman Charlotte Observer
    Fair, overlong James Bond from the second shelf.
  • 60
    Jonathan Rosenbaum Chicago Reader
    This keeps one reasonably amused, titillated, and brain-dead for a little over two hours.
  • 50
    Lisa Schwarzbaum Entertainment Weekly
    The hero himself has been denatured for a young, late 1990s audience with little appreciation for real suavity or sex play.
  • 50
    David Sterritt Christian Science Monitor
    If moviegoers really thought about the violence, sexism, and materialism at the core of the series, the whole shebang might vanish overnight.
  • 45
    Christopher Brandon TNT RoughCut
    James Bond hasn't been this boring since Timothy Dalton carried the license to kill.