Elektra King: You're determined to protect me.

James Bond: From yourself. You don't have to do this.

Elektra King: There's no point in living if you can't feel alive.

James Bond: You're not retiring anytime soon - are you?

Q: Now, pay attention 007. I've always tried to teach you two things. First, never let them see you bleed.

James Bond: And the second?

Q: Always have an escape plan.

Elektra King: I could have given you the world.

James Bond: The world is not enough.

Elektra King: Foolish sentiment.

James Bond: Family motto.

James Bond: Construction isn't exactly my speciality.

M: Quite the opposite, in fact.

[last lines]

James Bond: [in bed with Jones] I was wrong about you.

Dr. Christmas Jones: Yeah? How so?

James Bond: I thought Christmas only comes once a year.

James Bond: You would commit suicide for her?

Renard: You forget. I'm already dead.

James Bond: Haven't you heard? So is she.

Julietta the Cigar Girl: Would you like to check my figures?

James Bond: Oh, I'm sure they're perfectly rounded.

James Bond: [hands the two-way radio phone to Elektra] Call him off.

[Elektra smirkly smiles and stares at James]

James Bond: I won't ask again. Call him off. CALL HIM OFF!

Elektra King: [talking on her two-way] Renard?

Elektra King: [to Bond] You wouldn't kill me. You'd miss me.

Renard: [answers on his two-way] Yes?

Elektra King: [talking on her two-way] Dive! Bond...

[Bond shoots Elektra in the chest]

James Bond: I never miss.

[after Q introduces Bond to his successor]

James Bond: If you're Q, does that make him R?

R: Ah yes, the legendary 007 wit, or at least half of it.

Ms. Moneypenny: James! Have you brought me a souvenir from your trip? Chocolates? An engagement ring?

James Bond: I thought you might enjoy one of these.

[gives Ms. Moneypenny a cigar tube]

Ms. Moneypenny: How romantic. I know exactly where to put that.

[throws the cigar tube in the garbage]

James Bond: Oh Moneypenny, the story of our relationship: close, but no cigar.

James Bond: I've always wanted to have Christmas in Turkey.

Dr. Christmas Jones: Was that a Christmas joke?

James Bond: From me? No. Never.

Dr. Christmas Jones: Is it about time to unwrap your present?

[They Kiss]

Renard: Welcome to my nuclear family.

[first lines]

Lachaise: So good of you to come see me, Mr. Bond, particularly on such short notice.

James Bond: If you can't trust a Swiss banker, what's the world come to?

James Bond: What business do you have with Elektra King?

Zukovsky: I thought it was *you* who was giving her the business.

Lachaise: I'm giving you the opportunity to walk out with the money, Mr. Bond.

James Bond: I'm giving you the opportunity to walk out with your life.

[a helicopter slices Bond's BMW in half]

James Bond: Q's not gonna like this!

James Bond: Where's M?

Elektra King: Soon she'll be everywhere.

Dr. Christmas Jones: The world's greatest terrorist running around with six kilos of weapons-grade plutonium can't be good. I gotta get it back, or someone's gonna have my ass.

James Bond: First things first.

M: She doesn't need to know that it's the same man that may be after her. Don't frighten her.

Bond: A shadow operation?

M: Remember, shadows stay in front or behind - never on top.

[Bull is shot to see Zukovsky survived the explosion at the safehouse]

Bull: Boss? You're alive! I'm so glad to see you!

Zukovsky: Me too!

[Shoots Bull]

James Bond: Expecting Davidov? He caught a bullet instead of the plane. Get off. Keep your mouth shut.

Renard: You can't kill me. I'm already dead.

James Bond: Not dead enough for me.

Renard: You could show a little gratitude. I did spare your life at the banker's office. That's right. I couldn't. You were working for me. You delivered the money, killed King and now you brought me the plane.

James Bond: What's your plan for the bomb?

Renard: You first. Or could it be you don't have a plan?

James Bond: That bomb will never leave this room.

Renard: Neither will you.

[Renard and Bond pause for a moment. At that time, the bomb is being hoisted out of the silo]

Renard: How sad... to be threatened by a man who can't grasp what he's involved in.

James Bond: Revenge is not hard to fathom for a man who believes in nothing.

Renard: And what do you believe in? Preservation of Capital?

[Renard pulls away from Bond]

Renard: Go ahead. Shoot me. I welcome it. My men will hear the shot and kill you.

James Bond: And the firefight will bring down half the army from above.

Renard: But when a certain phone call isn't made in twenty minutes, Elektra dies.

James Bond: You're bluffing.

Renard: She's beautiful isn't she? You should have had her before, when she was innocent. How does it feel to know that I broke her in for you?

[Bond gets angry and pistol-whips Renard across the forehead. Renard falls to the ground]

James Bond: [as the puts the silencer on his P99] I usually hate killing an unarmed man. Cold-blooded murder is a filthy business.

Renard: A man tires of being executed.

James Bond: But in your case, I feel nothing just like you.

Renard: But then again, there's no point living if you can't feel alive?

James Bond: Huh?

[Zukovzky fixes the "Zukovsky's Finest" logo on his office door]

Zukovsky: There's nothing in this place straight.

[Zukovsky opens the door and is shocked to see Christmas sitting on a couch in his office]

Zukovsky: Who are you, and how did you get in? I'll call security and congratulate them. Drink?

[the office door moves back, and Bond appears holding a guy at gunpoint]

Zukovsky: Can't you just say a hello, like a normal person.

James Bond: [to guy] Get lost.

[the guy heads moves towards the door, and Bond grabs him by the shirt collar]

James Bond: [to guy] No, no, no, no, no. Down the back!

[to Zukovsky]

James Bond: What's your business with Elektra King?

Zukovsky: I thought you were the one giving her the business.

[Bond points his gun at Zukovsky and walks towards him. Zukovsky walks backwards towards the wall]

James Bond: She drops a million dollars in your casino and you don't even blink an eye! What's she paying you off for?

Zukovsky: [to Chistmas] You know, if I were you, a relationship with a man like that, I wouldn't bet on it.

[Bond tackles Zukovsky and shoves him back into a wall-mounted shelf full of caviar. At that moment, the sound of helicopters surround the skies over the caviar factory]

Zukovsky: Five thousand dollars of Beluga, ruined!

James Bond: That's nothing compared to what a twenty megaton nuclear bomb can do!

Zukovsky: What are you talking about?

Dr. Christmas Jones: We had a nuclear bomb stolen this morning!

James Bond: Renard and Elektra King are working together!

Zukovsky: I didn't know!

James Bond: Well what do you know?

Zukovsky: Oh, look. We have no roof, but at least we have four good walls.

[the factory falls apart]

Zukovsky: The insurance company is NEVER going to believe this!

Elektra King: You don't take "no" for an answer, do you?

James Bond: No

Elektra King: I hope you know how to ski, then.

James Bond: I came prepared for a cold reception.

Renard: No hard feelings, Mr. Bond, but we're even. Soon, you'll feel nothing at all.

James Bond: She's waiting for you.

[Elektra escorts Renard to a cell in Maiden's Tower where M is being held captive]

Elektra King: [to Renard as she announces that she has captured M for him] Your present, courtesy of the late Mr. Bond.

Renard: My executioner.

M: Overpraise, I'm afraid. But my people will finish the job.

Elektra King: Your people? Your people will leave you here to rot. Just like you left me- you and my father.

M: [Getting up from a bench in the cell and walking towards the cell bars] Your father wasn't...

Elektra King: [Interrupting M] MY FATHER WAS NOTHING! His kingdom he stole from my mother, the kingdom I will rightly take back.

[Elektra walks towards the cell door and leaves. Renard closes the door behind her and walks towards M]

M: I hope you're proud of what you did to her.

Renard: I'm afraid it is you who deserve credit. When I took her, she was promise itself. And then you left her at the mercy of a man like me. You ruined her. For what? To get to me? She's worth fifty of me.

M: For once, I agree with you.

Renard: Yes. And now we also share a common fate. You will die along with everyone in the city.

[Renard turns his back and walks towards a table with junk surrounding it]

Renard: Along with the bright, starry, oil driven future of the West.

[Renard reaches for an alarm clock and holds it in his hands]

Renard: Since you sent your men to kill me, I've been watching time tick slowly away, marching towards my own death. Now you can have the same pleasure.

[Renard picks up a stool and totes them towards M's cell. He lays the alarm clock on top of the stool points at it]

Renard: Watch these hands, M. By noon tomorrow, your time is up. And I guarantee you, I will not miss.

Elektra King: Shall we?

James Bond: Elektra, this is a game I can't afford to play.

Elektra King: I know.

R: As I was saying, the very latest in interception countermeasures. Titanium armor. A multi-tasking heads up display. And six beverage cup holders. All in all, rather stocked.

Q: Fully loaded. I think is the term.

R: I think...

Q: You're not here to think. You're here to do what I tell you.

Dr. Christmas Jones: Are You here for a reason? Or, are you just hoping for a glimmer? And you are?

James Bond: [With a bad Russian accent] Mikhail Arkov, Russian atomic energy department, Miss?

[hands her the transport documents]

Dr. Christmas Jones: Doctor Jones. Christmas Jones, and don't tell me any jokes, I've heard 'em all.

James Bond: I don't know any doctor jokes.

Dr. Christmas Jones: [after looking at the transport documents] This is okay. Take the elevator down the hall. Your friends are already down there.

James Bond: Don't I get some kind of protection?

Dr. Christmas Jones: No, Dr. Arkov. Down there it's all weapons-grade plutonium - reasonably safe. Up here we've got hydrogen bombs that your lab built leaking tritium, which I spent the last six months trying to clean up. So, if you need any protection at all, it's from me. Your friends are waiting for you.

[Bond walks away]

Dr. Christmas Jones: Doctor? Aren't you forgetting?

[Points to a board with badges on it]

James Bond: Yes, of course. Thank you.

Dr. Christmas Jones: By the way.

[In Russian]

Dr. Christmas Jones: Your English is very good for a Russian.

James Bond: [In Russian] I studied at Oxford.

James Bond: Expecting Davidov? He caught a bullet, instead of the plane.

Renard: You can't kill me, I'm already dead.

James Bond: Oh yeah, not dead enough for me.

Dr. Christmas Jones: Wait a minute. Are you going to do what I think you're going to do?

James Bond: What do I need to defuse a nuclear bomb?

Dr. Christmas Jones: Me.

[Colonel Akakievich and Christmas storm in]

Colonel Akakievich: [to Bond] Hey! Drop the gun!

James Bond: Keep away, Colonel!

Dr. Christmas Jones: He's an imposter. Doctor Arkov is sixty-three years old.

James Bond: [about Renard and his men] This is your imposter, along with the men outside in the plane. They're stealing the bomb.

[Colonel Akakievich picks up an rifle and loads it]

Colonel Akakievich: I said drop it!

[Bond drops the PPK. Renard gets up off the floor]

Colonel Akakievich: [to Bond] On your knees!

[One of Renard's men removes a card from the bomb]

Renard: [Speaks Russian] Well done.

[about Bond]

Renard: He would have killed us all.

[Takes a photograph from Christams's hand]

Renard: This is Peter?

Dr. Christmas Jones: Yeah, but he's no atomic scientist.

Renard: [to Akakievich] I suppose you were the one who let him down.

[Renard shoves the photograph at Akakievich and walks towards Bond]

Renard: [to Bond] You had me. But i know you couldn't...

[Renard squeezes Bond's left shoulder. Bond groans with pain]

Renard: ...shoulder the responsibility.

[Renard lets go of Bond's shoulder and starts walking towards the silo entrance]

Renard: [to Akakievich] Now, without any further interruptions, lets proceed.

Colonel Akakievich: Nyet! There are too many new faces around here, including yours. The bomb doesn't move until I am satisfied.

[to the terrorists]

Colonel Akakievich: Hey, all of you, to the surface, now!

[Renard's men open fire at Akakievich's men]

James Bond: Molly, I need a clean bill of health. You have to clear me for duty.

[pulls Warmflash closer to him]

Dr. Molly Warmflash: James. That wouldn't really be...

James Bond: Ethical?

[removes Warmflash's lab coat]

Dr. Molly Warmflash: Practical. Smart.

James Bond: Well let's just... skirt the issue, shall we?

[unzips and removes Warmflash's skirt]

Dr. Molly Warmflash: You'd have to promise to call me.

[presses down on Bond's broken collar bone]

James Bond: Oh.

[in pain]

Dr. Molly Warmflash: This time.

James Bond: Whatever the doctor orders.


Dr. Molly Warmflash: I suppose if you stayed in constant contact.

James Bond: Of course.

[unbuttons and removes Warmflash's shirt]

Dr. Molly Warmflash: If you showed sufficient


Dr. Molly Warmflash: stamina.


Dr. Molly Warmflash: Cut out all kinds of...


James Bond: Strenuous activity?


Zukovsky: I'm looking for a submarine. It's big and black, and the driver is a very good friend of mine.

Zukovsky: [sees captain hat] Bring it to me!

Elektra King: [takes hat] What a shame, he's just gone.

[Shoots Zukovsky]

[to M as she is being held captive by Elektra in Istanbul]

Renard: [pointing to an alarm clock] Watch these hands, M. By noon tomorrow, your time's up. And I guarantee, I won't miss.

[after M arrived at the pipleine control centre, Bond and M go into a nearby room]

M: I Want an update. Where do we stand?

James Bond: [giving M the locator card] One of Renard's men removed a locator card from the bomb, so we can't track it. But...

M: [cutting Bond off] But what?

James Bond: With all due respect, I don't think you should be here.

M: May I remind you that YOU'RE the reason I'm here, Double-Oh-Seven. You disobeyed a direct order and left that girl alone.

James Bond: Perhaps that girl isn't as innocent as you think.

M: What are you saying?

James Bond: Supposed the inside man, the one who switched King's lapel pin, turned out to be an inside woman.

[M pauses for a moment]

M: She kills her father and attacks her own pipeline? Why? To what end?

James Bond: I don't know. Yet.

Q: Oh, grow up 007!

Dr. Christmas Jones: What's the story with you and Elektra?

James Bond: We're strictly plutonic, now.

Dr. Christmas Jones: Do you wanna put that in English for those of us who don't speak Spy?

Zukovsky: Can't you just say "hello" like a normal person?

James Bond: Revenge is not hard to fathom for a man who believes in nothing.

M: This will not stand. We will not be terrorized by cowards who will murder an innocent man and use us as the tool.

[to Renard]

James Bond: I usually hate killing an unarmed man. Cold-blooded murder is a filthy business.

[Zukovsky enters his office, sees Christmas Jones]

Zukovsky: How did you get in here? I'm going to call Security... and congratulate them.

[Bond finds Zukovsky, Bull, and two women in the casino office]

Zukovsky: Bull, give them an inch.

[Bull gives each woman an inch-thick stack of cash, and the three of them start to leave]

Zukovsky: Make sure they lose it in this casino, huh?

Bull: I'll see you later, Mr. Bond.

[Bond sees that Bull has a mouthful of gold teeth]

James Bond: I see you put your money where your mouth is.

Zukovsky: Mr. Bullion does not trust banks.

James Bond: [to Bull in regards to his gold teeth] I see you put your money where your mouth is.

Elektra King: James! You can't kill me! Not in cold blood!

James Bond: I suppose we all have to pay the piper sometime. Right, Q?

Q: Oh, pipe down, 007!

James Bond: Was it something I said?

Q: No, something you destroyed. My fishing boat! For my retirement, away from you!

James Bond: Give me the name.

Lachaise: I can't do that.

James Bond: [pointing his gun to Lachaise] Let's count to three. You can do that, can't you?

James Bond: [about the bomb in the pipeline] You've defused hundreds of these, right?

Dr. Christmas Jones: Yeah, but they're usually standing still.

James Bond: Yes, well, life is full of small challenges.

[having shot down a glider]

James Bond: See you back at the lodge. Heh.

Elektra King: M told me she was sending someone, Mr.?

James Bond: Bond. James Bond.

M: I thought we had time on our side.

James Bond: You used the girl as bait.

M: Yes.

Bill Tanner: He was operating in Moscow in 1996. Pyongyang, North Korea before that. And he's been spotted in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Iraq, Iran, Beirut and Cambodia.

James Bond: All the romantic vacation spots.

Bill Tanner: His only goal is chaos.

M: [Reading Bond's medical report] I see the good doctor has cleared you. Notes you have exceptional stamina.

Ms. Moneypenny: I'm sure she was touched by his dedication

[walks toward Dr. Molly Warrmflash]

Ms. Moneypenny: to the job in hand.

Elektra King: You ski very well, Mr. Bond.

James Bond: You seem to enjoy being chased. Probably happens all the time.

Elektra King: Less often than you might think.

Elektra King: I can't breathe! I can't breathe! I can't breathe!

James Bond: Elektra!

Elektra King: I can't breathe!

James Bond: Elektra! Look at me. Look at me! Look at my eyes. Look at my eyes. Look at my eyes! - You're alright. Everything's alright. Trust me. Okay?

James Bond: Vodka martini. Shaken, not stirred.

Zukovsky: Bond! James Bond! Meet Nina and Verushka.

James Bond: Loose the girls, Valentin. We need to talk.

Zukovsky: Why am I suddenly worried that I'm not carrying enough insurance? Chill out, James. Fine, ladies. Go on. Beat it. Scram.

Zukovsky: So, what's it to be? Vingt et un? Blackjack? You're father's favorite?

Elektra King: Let's keep it simple. One card. High draw. A million dollars.

Elektra King: [In bed with Bond] I knew. I knew when I first saw you. I knew it would be like this.

Elektra King: And how about you? What do you do to survive?

James Bond: I take pleasure in great beauty.

Dr. Christmas Jones: So, you're a British spy. Do you have a name?

James Bond: The name's Bond. James Bond.

Elektra King: You brought me something?

Renard: [Shows her a nuclear explosive device] The power to reshape the world. Go on, it's safe. Touch your destiny.

Elektra King: But, surely, you can feel this. Remember - pleasure.

R: [Secretly turns off the live infrared camera images of Bond in bed with Christmas Jones, while others in the room are surprised when the screen goes dark] It must be a premature form of the millennium bug.

M: If there's even the slightest chance, Bond will survive. He's the best we have... though I'd never tell him.

Elektra King: A hundred years ago, my mother's family discovered the oil here.

[In Azerbaijan]

Elektra King: When the Soviet Union was formed, the government spent the next 70 years plundering our countryside for it.

James Bond: I saw the mess they left on the drive in.

Elektra King: The new pipeline will guarantee our future. But it would be a crime to destroy what little is left of our past.

James Bond: How did you survive?

Elektra King: I seduced the guards. Used my body. It gave me control. And the rest, I got a gun and started shooting.

Elektra King: So you knew? You knew all the time he was out there, coming for me - and you lied. You used me. You used me as bait. And you made love to me. What? To pass the time as you waited for him to strike?

Renard: So beautiful. So smooth. So warm.

[caressing Elektra's naked buttock]

Elektra King: How would you know?

Renard: Bond is dead. It's what you wanted.

Elektra King: Of course, it's what I wanted.

Renard: He was - He was a good lover?

Elektra King: What do you think?

Zukovsky: Always something. First the casino. Now the caviar factory. I am a slave to the free-market economy.

Zukovsky: This used to be the KGB's Istanbul safe house. Now it's FSB. Federal Security Bureau. Same old friendly service with a new name.

M: What's the time?

Elektra King: Time for you to die.

Renard: This is the end.

Elektra King: No. This is the beginning. The world will never be the same.

Renard: The future is yours. Have fun with it.

Elektra King: James Bond. If only you'd kept away, we might've met again in a few years and become lovers once more.

Elektra King: Pretty thing. You had her too?

Elektra King: I've always had a power over men.

Elektra King: When I'm through, the whole world will know my name, my grandfather's name, the glory of my people!

Elektra King: You understand? Nobody can resist me.

[Bond and Christmas emerge from the ruptured pipeline]

James Bond: [to Christmas as she emerges from the pipeline] Come on, give me your hand. Jump, jump, jump.

Dr. Christmas Jones: Do you wanna explain why you did that? I could have stopped that bomb! You almost killed us!

James Bond: I DID kill us! She thinks we're dead and she thinks she got away with it!

Dr. Christmas Jones: Do you wanna put that in English for those of us who don't speak spy. Who's she?

James Bond: Elektra King.

Dr. Christmas Jones: Well, why would she blow up her own pipeline?

James Bond: It makes her look innocent. The explosion covers up the theft of the plutonium. And they make it look like a terrorist attack.

Dr. Christmas Jones: [takes a tin of plutonium out of her bag] But why leave this half?

James Bond: So there's enough to spread around to cover up for the part that they did take

Dr. Christmas Jones: But what are they gonna do with the other half? Its not enough to make a nuclear bomb.

James Bond: You're the scientist. You tell me?

Dr. Christmas Jones: I don't know. But the world's greatest terrorist running around with 6 kilos of weapons-grade plutonium can't be good. I have to get it back. Or somebody's gonna have my ass.

James Bond: First things first.

[talks into the two-way radio attatched to his belt]

James Bond: Bond to Robinson, do you copy?

Dr. Christmas Jones: By the way, before we go any further, I just want to know. What's the story with you and Elektra?

James Bond: We're stictly plutonic, now.

[into two-way]

James Bond: Bond to Robinson, copy?

James Bond: [to Chrismas] What's your story? What are you doing here in Kazakhstan?

Dr. Christmas Jones: Avoiding those kind of questions just like you.

Robinson: [from two way] I read you, Double-Oh-Seven. Red Alert. M is missing with Elektra, three men down. Await instructions. Out.

Dr. Christmas Jones: What do we do now?

James Bond: There's one critical element here I may have overlooked.

Dr. Christmas Jones: What, more plutonium?

James Bond: No. Beluga caviar.

Zukovsky: [to Bull] You! Where have you been, you gold encrusted buffoon?

Bull: Sorry, boss, I must have bumped my head.

Zukovsky: Oh, really? Get me out of here. I'll show you what a bumped head feels like.

Terroist: Do you bring it? The grease!

James Bond: Of course...

[hands him a bag, he pulls out some sports shoes]

Terrorist: Excellent.