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  • This is an excellent movie. I caught it quite by accident when it came on one late night. Not knowing anything about it beforehand, I was soon drawn in. I just saw it again on TV just now.

    I'm surprised it only has a rating of 6.9 (???). Maybe too light on the violence and action for some people's tastes.

    It could've easily been awash with sentimentality; the subject matter certainly lends itself to it, but I thought the director and writers hit exactly the right balance.

    Also, very well acted by both Bates and Curtis, and the child actor who portrayed Nicholas was so likable. You are emotionally drawn into the family's joy, ordeal and subsequent altruism.

    Words can't express the beauty and tragedy of this movie.

    And the simple and yet so very expressive, and imparts hope in the sadness.

    You'd have to have a heart of stone not to cry thru some of the parts.

    Every aspect of this film comes together like a fine swiss clock.

    I would think that this movie is a fitting memorial to Nicholas and his family, and how their sacrifice transformed an entire nation.

    Alan Bates was such an undervalued actor in his lifetime. Though I haven't seen very many of his films, I've enjoyed the ones I have. A fine, fine character actor.

    And Jamie Lee Curtis, she's come a long way from the slasher movies, and the fluff sexpot/comedy pieces of the 70's and 80's.

    And finally, Hallie as little sister was adorable.

    I'd liked to have seen a piece of film of the actual family. That would've capped the ending beautifully. I assume the photo on the gravestone was the real Nicholas.

    Inspirational. The Green family are all heroes, and they embody the best of the human spirit even under the most difficult circumstances.

    Nicholas Green, they'll build monuments in your name!
  • An extremely moving and tearful film. Beautifully filmed in Italy, with glorious romantic theme music, very convincing acting on the part of the stars. Of course it is painful to watch, to see a small child's life snuffed out, almost imperceptibly, without the parents even noticing at first. Very difficult to watch and I can understand it not being everyone's cup of tea, especially for the more sensitive natures. Of course the initial shock and sadness is replaced a little by the feel good factor derived from " putting the dead boy's organs " to good use and this sustains the spectator's attention. The film has been issued on DVD in the UK region 2 and the DVD also contains a very interesting documentary on the real Nicholas and the Italian Children that received his organs. The subject may well be taboo in some countries and cultures but I applaud this film wholeheartedly for having been made and showing that although death is a very hard experience to bear, another type of good and happiness can follow on behind. The pleasure of seeing the happiness brought to other families whom they didn't even know before compensates in some way the grief they suffer from the loss of their little son !
  • I saw this movie this past weekend on Lifetime.

    Excellent movie. Brought me to total tears. I cried during the entire end of the film.

    This is movie making that should be shared.

    10* out 10
  • This is an incredible movie, and the fact that it's a true story will blow you away. Jamie Lee Curtis gives yet another stellar performance, but this time in a motherly role. The casting directors chose the cutest kids for this film! This is a heartwrenching, tearjerking, wonderful movie that you truly have to see to believe.
  • Murron-57 June 2000
    I watched this movie after seeing the interview with the Green's and Jamie Lee Curtis on the Oprah show and I'm pleased that I taped it when it came on TV too.

    What a sad but inspiring story. I cry every time I watch it. The strength and courage of the Green family shines through the performances of Curtis (Maggie) and Alan Bates (Reg). Their performances were wonderful as was the film in itself.
  • gcd701 June 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    Highly emotional tale concerning the tragic true story of Nicholas Green, a young boy who is critically hurt by would be thieves when his family are touring Italy on holiday.

    This touching, heart-rending story is told with simplicity, leaving the hard truth and the amazing generosity of the Green family to carry it from start to finish. Jamie Lee Curtis and Alan Bates are very good as the couple caught in the middle of this awful twist of fate, and they both convey confusion and grief extremely effectively.

    For viewers who enjoy true tales of human courage in great adversity, this film is a must. You may need several tissues.

    Sunday, June 7, 1998 - T.V.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What were your favorite lines from this movie? Here are the ones I liked the most. Warning, if you haven't seen the movie, wait to read these or they might ruin some of the movie for you.

    ~~*~ When play acting in some Roman ruins: Mom - Mrs. Green: "You are a great soldier." Dad - Mr. Green: "When you return to Rome, it will be a glorious day." Nicholas: "What do you mean?" Mr. Green: "Well, they'll build monuments in your honor, poets will write of your noble deeds." Nicholas: "They will?" Mr. Green: You'll go to the palace. You'll be Caesars guest." Nicholas: "I'll get a gold medal"

    ~*~ Italian doctor in hospital when a mother is waiting for a donor heart: "The mother is not willing to give the heart. Its about our feeling of family. They want their daughter intact, even in death."

    ~*~ In voice over while Nicholas sleeps in the car: "Behold the Child among his newborn blisses, A six-years' Darling of a pygmy size! See, where 'mid work of his own hand he lies, Fretted be sallies of his mother's kisses, With light upon him from his father's eyes!" -- William Wordsworth's ODE: INTIMATIONS OF IMMORTALITY - VII

    ~*~ Nicholas: "So how do the dead people get across the river?" Mrs. Green: "They pay Charon, the ferryman, to take them across the river." Nicholas: "Well what if you don't have any money?" Mr. Green: "You can always pay with pepperoni pizza."

    ~*~ Mr. Green: "Do you want to stay another day? It would mean one less day in Sicily." ---- "Oh let's not, I couldn't bear to make him wait one more day."

    ~*~ Note from journalist who returned the developed photographs: " How did you trust a stranger after what strangers did? Thank you and God Bless You!"

    ~*~ Female journalist: "What should happen to the man who shot your child?" Mrs. Green: "When they see what they have done, maybe they will turn away from this kind of life."

    ~*~ Mr. Green: "I want to feel that little hand in mine. The weight of him on my lap for a bedtime story. There is so much still ahead it isn't possible that his life is over... I mean what's the point? "

    ~*~ Mrs. Green: I keep seeing him dressed up as St. George, in his breast plate and armor. When I played a dragon in the play and he had to stab me, he asked me, "Does it hurt to die?", Why did I ever tell him it was OK to die? He's no fighter. I should have told him to hang on."

    ~*~ Mr. Green: "He's gone." Mrs. Green: "His heart is still alive, why don't we donate his organs? Mr. Green: "Nicholas would like that."

    ~*~ Mr. Green: "You are a fine and upright little boy. And I know that you'd have grown up into a fine and upright man."

    ~*~ While the parents sit outside they are watching the medical transplant team members leave the hospital with organ coolers and drive off in their cars at the same time, The father says, "There goes Nicholas." and the mother says, " It looks like they are going to a hospital picnic."

    ~*~ Italian President: "Mr. Green. Mrs Green, you have reminded us of the best of what it is to be human and given a great gift to the Italian people."

    ~*~ Mr. Green at the end of the funeral: "And now little man, although your radiance is still with us, it is time for you to sleep, so goodnight and sweet dreams."

    ~*~ Nicholas' parents meet the Bianci family and their son Angelo who received Nicholas' heart. Mr. Green: "Where does your family live?" Mr. Bianci: "Roma." Mr. Green: "Wonderful, I somehow felt he had a Roman heart."

    ~*~ Read at the end of the movie and seen chiseled on the tombstone: "Thou art a dewdrop, which the morn brings forth, Ill fitted to sustain unkindly shocks, Or to be trailed along the soiling earth; A gem that glitters while it lives, And no forewarning gives; But, at the touch of wrong, without a strife Slips in a moment out of life." -- To H.C., six Years old -- A poem by William Wordsworth