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  • Dr. John Richards is a scientist currently working on a device which will zap or beam someone to a new location. His wife, also a scientific genius, is now a stay at home mother of preteen Jackie. Cohorts of Dr. Richards, however, want to steal this new invention in order to sell it on the black market. Can the three members of the Richards family carry the day and thwart the criminals, with a few tricks of their own? This movie may not turn up a winner at any film festival, but it is a nice family flick, if somewhat in the featherweight class. The principal actors are attractive and fun and the plot is typically zany. It has a couple of scenes which may be mildly offensive to the gay community...lighthearted fun carried a bit too far. However, it is nothing serious. If you stumble across the film at the video store or library, give it a try.
  • Dr. John Richards (Hannes Jaenicke) is working on a top secret transmitting ray, called the "Triton," which can move objects from one place to another instantly by scrambling its molecules. However, John's Assistant Angie (Ariauna Albright) devises a different use for the machine, which enables her to turn into an exact replica of John. With John locked away in a secret warehouse, Angie, who now looks like John, and her evil accomplice, Martin Grecko (Steve Scionti), proceed with their evil plan to set John up to make it look like he's trying to steal the machine and then make $4 million from it in the meantime. Dr. Richards' son, Jackie (Harrison Myers) and his wife, Barbara (Mary Elizabeth McGlynn billed as "Melissa Williamson") step forward to thwart the evil duo. It becomes much easier after Jackie accidentally renders his mom invisible. This movie sat on the shelf for three years and it's easy to see why. The cheap special effects reflects the film's near microscopic budget. The script is filled with dull clichés and a silly, overly simplistic plot. Only children under the age of ten are likely to find this movie even remotely amusing.
  • vertigo22569 December 2007
    Simply put: it's the single worst movie I have ever see. Now I know it's full and all to bash movies and label them "the worst movie ever" but in this case it is true and it IS the worst movie I have ever seen. I mean I have even seen (and own) Mannos, beast with a million eyes, and other craptastic flicks but this one takes the trophy. I could talk about the plot but what would be the point? This was obviously written, directed and produced with no consideration for continuity, comedy, or purpose. Terrible effects, terrible camera work, awful "dialogue" (it's more like a bunch of people who randomly gathered in an area and began to say unrelated phrases aloud), terrible "acting" (hmm let's read our lines, or pretend not to notice the camera...). Basically watching this movie made me feel like I was watching a seventh grade final presentation for English class where everyone has to act out a scene. There's the guy who thinks he's really funny but isn't, the girl who thinks she's brilliant but can't act, and the kid who is too nervous to even move his arms throughout the entire visual travesty because he sucks. In fact this movie was basically just one major suckfest, and not in the enjoyable "it's so bad it's funny" sense either. Even Mannos was more competently filmed that this. Have a nice day, because I can't now that I saw this.
  • I thought this movie was a waste of time and money. This movie was so stupid that my Kids aged 8 and 10 hated it. I would definitely not waste my time nor money in buying it at all. Movie is only good to entertain morons. Happy Viewing.