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  • John T. Bone almost pulls off this precursor of today's porn-parody genre, a TS takeoff on Madonna and specifically her "Truth or Dare" feature.

    Written by Cash Markman (the "Man of a Thousand Lousy Scripts") it stars TS performer Kelly Daniels as "Miss Thing", a lady with a white pixie haircut and flat chest, who is mad at somebody named Jack Warner (no, not the deceased Warner Brothers magnate, nor the equally deceased British character actor).

    Opening sex scene is imaginatively staged by Bone (a talented helmer who made quality softcore films with under his real name John Bowen) as a lesbian scene, courtesy of a body double for Kelly with a hairy vagina on display. It turns into a TS sex scene when Kelly imagines she has a dick, and we see her get a blow job.

    Soon after Kelly as Miss Thing reveals her long, limp dick, supposedly a transplant achieving her goal of dick-hood in a scene humping a girl by forcing the cock inside a vagina by hand, much in the manner of famous porn studs like John Holmes or Ron Jeremy on a bad day.

    She challenges another lady to play "The Dare Game", resulting in a threesome involving a dildo and anal-sex. Short feature ends with her getting back at Jack Warner, a music industry executive berating her career slump, and pegging him.

    This silly exploitation feature is available on a triple-header 1999 DVD reissue with two other Bone/Kelly collaborations that are even worse: "Guess What?" and "Guess Again". Triad is titled Amazing She-Male Trilogy.