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  • This is a low-budget affair starring Racquel Darrian, Savannah, Madison and a few others I can't think of right now. This lesbian feature is not very well filmed, but if you like to see girls getting it on with each other you could do worse. The best scene is filmed in an open garage. Sexy blonde Savannah pulls up on a Harley Davidson wearing long leather boots, tight shorts an alluring smile. The mechanics on duty are Madison and a hard looking red-haired girl with a nose ring. The lesbians like what they see and proceed to feel Savannah up. Racquel then steps into frame for some action. Madison teams up with Savannah and the red-haried dyke-y looking chick splits open Racquel, and gets her off as she leans on one of the cycles. Racquel then bends over the red-head and eats her out from behind. Good stuff if you like to see pretty girls 'slumming it' with the rough girls of porn.