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  • I've always been a fan of Matthew Perry in the sitcom "Friends". I still think he was absolutely great as Chandler Bing. But so far he could never convince me as an actor on the big silver screen. Somehow it just didn't work out as well as it did in those ten years of "Friends". But this movie is different. I really liked him in this one.

    "Three to Tango" is a comedy that sometimes goes a bit too far over the top, but that also offers plenty of fun and laughter which will make you forget about the few annoying moments. I liked the story about the two architects who will act as if they are a gay couple, just to get that important restoration job. When the businessman also asks Oscar to keep an eye on his mistress, believing nothing can go wrong since Oscar is "gay", things start to go really wrong, creating a lot of painful but often funny situations...

    I guess the fans of the sitcom "Friends" will love this movie. I know I did and the main reason for that is because Matthew Perry is playing the role he knows best: the likable loser who doesn't do much right. Sure, the movie has it's flaws and no the story isn't world-shockingly original, but it offered me plenty of laughter and that's exactly what I'm looking for in a comedy. That's why I give this movie a 7.5/10.
  • I had mildly low expectations on this movie. I predicted it would be a second rate comedy, cheesy, hardly any romance at all, and just was unworthy of my time, even though I was eager to see the wonderful Neve Campbell who I always enjoy in movies and thought that it could not be horrible, hopefully somewhat entertaining. When a few certain scenes happened I thought that I was in for another cliché-ridden rom-com. Then, this film totally surprised me by doing something different and changing itself into a very well done and likable rom-com with cute performances from everyone.

    It's not your average run-of-the-mill rom-com and while some of my expectations were reached, in ways, other thoughts I had about this film were left far behind in the dirt and I was dumbfounded at what a fluffy and fun movie it was. It managed to be slightly unpredictable, and while it was not that romantic at all, I found the comedy to be easygoing and it was just a lighthearted film. I was in this movie for Neve Campbell and came out liking something different about each character in the movie. I don't know if this movie is a must see, but if you have even the slightest bit of interest at all in this film, go ahead, watch it. I was pleasantly surprised, pleasantly surprised indeed. It provides some giggles and smiles, and passes the time effectively.
  • SamRag19 August 2002
    Watching this film the second time, was just as enjoyable as the first time around. The balance between comedy and seriousness is well done, as the stupidity never takes over. Matthew Perry has often irritated me in Friends as he is so over the top, but here he has been kept within better boundaries. Neve Campbell is also in a role that seem to fit her perfectly, playing a sweet, while little wild woman. Dylon McDermott and Oliver Platt are also great in their parts. What made the film work was how believable Matthew Perry is as gay, something he suffers from in Friends as well. So the whole plot works out, with the chemistry between Matthew and Neve working out beautifully. This is well balanced romantic comedy which I recommend. 8/10
  • I thought this movie was just fantastic! It is the funniest movie I have seen in ages! Matthew Perry has excellent timing (as already seen in Friends) and really was the outstanding actor. Neve Campbell and Dylan McDermott also played excellent supporting roles. In fact the movie was so good I am going to see it again and buy it when it comes out on video. The comedy movie of the year!
  • This movie has a chance to be cliched but usually avoids it deftly. It's not perfect nor full of belly laughs but pleasant enough. I haven't seen much of Matthew Perry's work, not being a "Friends" fan, but I was very impressed by his acting here, his expressions and comedic timing. Neve Campbell is adorable, the kind of spunky kooky girl you wish existed in real life - one of her better roles. If you're a fan of Matthew or Neve, you'll love the movie. Supporting cast does fine, direction, photography, music, all in place unobtrusively. A good director is one who you don't know is there. Damon Santostefano emerges from successful tv shows to do a fine job. (Clueless, The District, Honey I Shrunk The Kids).
  • Banky-43 November 1999
    It's true. Actors can take a tired movie plot and make it good. And this movie is a lot like that. Matthew Perry and Neve Campbell have chemistry and Oliver Platt was fun as Matthew's friend. I went in expecting the worst, especially since Entertainment Weekly gave it an "F", but I really thought it was good.
  • What you get from 'Three To Tango' is a feel-good (but sort of deja-vu) comedy. It has its own charm, own humour (though very American). Santostefano's direction helps the movie move on a steady track. Matthew Perry's Oscar isn't very different from Chandler Bing, yet he manages to stay funny as hell and never get on our nerves. Neve Campbell's Amy is vivacious, charming, sexy and funny. Dylan McDermott does alright as the arrogant boss. Oliver Platt is decent (although he does go overboard at times). Unlike other more recent American comedies, 'Three To Tango' has a more classy appeal. The background score is very likable. The film is set in the busy city which is beautifully shot. Though it does have its share of toilet humour and over-the-top comedy, I can safely say it's one of the better American comedies, fun enough to watch on a rainy day accompanied by a great background score.
  • Typical Hollywood formula: guy meets girl, guy wants girl, but girl thinks guy is gay and he must maintain the charade or lose a job. In this case the guy in question is Oscar Novak (Matt Perry), who, with his business partner (Oliver Platt) is competing for a $90 million renovation project. To complicate matters, Charles, the guy in charge of assigning the project (Dylan McDermott), asks Oscar to shadow his mistress (Neve Campbell) and keep her away from any guys. Oscar doesn't realize why he's been chosen (Charles thinks he's gay) until it's too late. Of course it's only a matter of time before Oscar and Amy fall in love and chaos ensues.

    Perry essentially does a rehash of his Chandler persona from "Friends", which makes Oscar a charming, neurotic klutz who makes little headway with women. Campbell's Amy is energetic as the independent life loving bohemian and her omnipresent grin and boundless optimism light up the screen (luckily there's no screaming). Platt, although uncharacteristically subdued, is hilarious as always and has some of the best lines in the film. Unfortunately, McDermott's portrayal of the self-absorbed- pretty-boy-Donald-Trump-wannabe is suprisingly lifeless and the only weak link in the film.

    Tango is not groundbreaking cinema -the straight-guy-pretending-to-be-gay (and vices versa) routine has surely been done in every medium known to man. Unlike many of its predecessor's, however, it manages to be amusing without being offensive: Oscar doesn't try to "act" gay - he does not become a mincing, effeminate, fop with a lisp - rather he conducts himself as he always has. Although humor is the method of delivery, the movie manages to honestly convey the difficulty people must face when, for whatever reason, they are forced to live a lie. Oscar's "coming out" speech emphasizes this point, and manages to be poignant and educational without being melodramatic.

    If you're looking for an entertaining date movie that doesn't require a box of Kleenex this movie amply fits the bill.
  • Somehow I wondered that this movie was such a missuccess in the USA. Okay, this movie is full of cliche's - some scenes reminded me of "My best friend's wedding" and "In and out" - but who cares? Hey man, this is a romantic comedy! Matthew Perry and Neve Campbell were an absolutely perfect couple! I must say that I've watched the movie just because of Neve. She was just wonderful! She should make more movie's like this one. I've loved it from the first scene on.
  • pinkie2002 September 2000
    I absolutely loved this movie. It was extremely cute and funny. Some of the lines just made me crack up. Neve Campbell put on one heck of a performance considering she does not normaly play this sort of role and Matthew Perry was the heart and soul of the movie. Its definitely a feel good movie and I reccomend it to everybody.
  • Well, I had NO idea that this movie was being 'bashed' or receiving negative publicity. The first I heard about this movie, I only wanted to see it because Dylan McDermott (The Practice) was in it, but when I saw the trailer I thought it would be hilarious too. And I was absolutely right! I don't think I've laughed this hard during a movie for ages! I mean, usually most romantic comedies are way too mushy and when they're over, you kinda think, 'That was IT?' But in Three to Tango, from the opening credits to the little scenes which appear with the ending credits, it is HILARIOUS! Matthew Perry gave a superb performance, being totally misunderstood by EVERYONE (I expecially liked the father's reaction), and Neve wasn't really as bimboesque as I thought she'd be... The whole time I thought it was funny how Oliver Platt was secretly laughing at everyone... I could go on for ages, but my advice is that you MUST see this movie, even if you've been put off by the bad press you DO have to give it a chance, because you might end up loving it totally like I did! My only regret is that at the end they didn't show us Dylan wearing the... the thing that his wife bought him! (Y'know! ^o^)
  • Joyously4 December 1999
    I don't know why so many people have such low opinions of this film. It was one of the more refreshing romantic comedies I've seen lately, even though it has the usual quite predictable plot, just with a few new twists. The movie made me laugh more than a few times, and the actors all did well. Matthew Perry and Neve Campbell had great chemistry, and did their scenes well, and Oliver Platt was hilarious. The direction was great, I loved the starting credits. This isn't a movie you should miss, even though the critics are bashing it. Sure, there are some moments in the script where it doesn't quite work as well as one would like, but the other things make up for its little flaws.

    I thought Three to Tango was a great film, and I'm going to see it again. And I'll probably buy it when it comes out on video.
  • Steve-17619 December 1999
    It takes Three To Tango. So why the rock and roll, not tango, sequence during the starting credits? These credits are James Bondish; silhouettes, but without tango music; a very entertaining sequence in fact, but they point to the bits and pieces nature of Three To Tango. It's a film in parts.

    But some of the parts are downright funny.

    Matthew Perry (Friends) plays Oscar an architect who with his gay partner Peter (Oliver Platt , Funny Bones) are after a contract to build some swank building for slime ball rich guy Charles (Dylan McDermott).

    Charles is two timing his wife with Amy (Neve Campbell, Scream) and thinking that Oscar is gay like Peter, Charles asks Oscar to baby sit Amy because he's fearful of Amy running off with an old boyfriend of hers.

    Of course Oscar and Amy fall in love but Oscar has to pretend he's gay to Amy to keep the contract with Charles, and this keeps the laughs rolling.

    For instance Amy gets to confide with Oscar about the sorts of girly things women apparently share with gay men. He also has to deal with the men now attracted to him because they think he's gay.

    Hollywood has an uneasy relationship with homosexuality. These days its common to have the comical gay friend or two mincing about in mainstream films (As Good As It Gets, Beverley Hills Cop and many others).

    These personalties are added almost strictly for laughs and they are sometimes genuinely amusing but a good dose of homophopia is necessary to really enjoy Three To Tango.

    Those not inclined to hate those "batting for the other side" will be a bit under awed by many of the scenes in this film but there's nothing new about that.

    Still these sorts of movies may well be seen to be an important step in the true "coming out" of this minority group on the big screen. Judging though by the ill tuned guffaws on air at the screening I attended there's a long way to go as yet.

    There are often two or three gags going on at once in any case. This film takes the bird shot approach to comedy. Let off a blast of jokes all at once and one or two might hit their target.

    But still the two central characters, Amy and Oscar, do develop some credibility which isn't surprising since they're the only ones who aren't vapid stereotypes.

    That might have been not so easy though. I was often still tempted to imagine death mask, hooded, Scream murderers lunging out on the shadows with big knives at Neve Campbell. But she has successfully transcended that sort of typecasting in this film.

    Her hair is cut shorter and she's determinably bubbly, very different to the haunted, hunted character she plays in the Scream films.

    Mathew Perry like Campbell is very likeable in what is sometimes an awkward comedy romance, with a gay fear subplot.

    But overwhelmingly, Three To Tango is often played strictly for fun. Oscar rushes through a market. Instead of knocking over a fruit cart, standard fare for the movies, about six live ducks are thrown at him. Huh! But that was different. And funny.
  • On the whole, this was an entertaining movie. Both Neve Campbell and Matthew Perry were believable in their respective roles. However, Oliver Platt was wonderful as Peter. He is definitely one of the most under-appreciated comedic actors of our time. Bravo Oliver!
  • Toriswinter8320 June 2002
    This movie was funny as hell. :) I have seen it multiple times and enjoy it each and every time! Plus, Duncan Sheik has part of a song played in thats a positive :) I gave it a 10 out of 10 to boost its rating. Reality is probably an 8 out of 10
  • For some reason when I picked up this movie for 99c on ebay, I assumed it would be one of those sexually-charged, ménage-à-trois, gender-bender flicks that populated the late 90s like "Chasing Amy" or even Neve Campbell's own "Wild Things". I didn't watch it for that reason, I watched it because it was 99c.

    Much to my surprise and delight, "Three to Tango" is a charming, family-friendly comedy that deals with sexual roles tastefully, much like Francis Weber's classic "La Cage aux Folles" (1978) remade in English as the equally classic "Birdcage" (1996). Or if you really want to get back to the roots of the mistaken-sexual-identity sex comedy, Willilam Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" (1602).

    It's best to know nothing about the plot, that way the twists and turns are more of a hilarious surprise. But yes, the story centers around a classic case of mistaken sexual identity, and from there the hijinks ensue.

    What's exceptional about this movie is that it does a great job of reversing roles, not just for the individual characters but for society as a whole. A lot like a surreal Franz Kafka story (such as "Metamorphosis" where the main character wakes up to learn that he is a giant cockroach), "Three to Tango" puts the main character into a different identity, forcing us to see the world through a different perspective. And much like Kafka's story, the comedy lies in the absurdity of people's reactions, even though nothing has changed except for their perception of the main character.

    Yeah that's a lot of heady gobbledygook, so let's just talk about the movie already. The overall vibe is a great throwback to those classic & classy Blake Edwards comedies like "Breakfast at Tiffany's" (1961) or even the Pink Panther flicks. What I mean is that this story is very prim & proper (no crass potty humor or cheap shots) and yet it's not afraid to sink to few good slapstick moments, such as a couples barf scene that's both hilarious and oddly romantic. There are also 1 or 2 totally surreal moments (again much like in a Blake Edwards flick) such as Matthew Perry panicking and running through the streets of Chicago only to run into a flock of... what's the cliché, pigeons? Haha, not in this case, but I'll let you see it for yourself. It's a quick one so pay attention.

    Also like in a Blake Edwards flick the music is AWESOME. Some very cool old jazz, swing and big band numbers are peppered throughout, in a way that really punctuates the comedy (similar to the great soundtrack of "When Harry Met Sally").

    Let's talk briefly about the acting. Pay close attention to some brilliant non-verbal acting on the part of each character. I'm talking about their complex reactions without any script. As the story un-twists, each main character has a moment of realization, and I felt they all pulled it off very well. Just by looking at their expressions change, you know exactly what they are thinking and how the wheels in their minds are spinning. Applause for Neve Campbell, Matthew Perry and Dylan McDermott (and director Damon Santostefano) for giving us these powerful yet subtle performances that aren't necessarily as thunderous as George C. Scott's monologue in "Patton", but they convey just as much information and emotion to an audience that's paying attention.

    The script itself is pretty well written, not really full of zingers but very natural and believable. Of course with it being Matthew Perry from Friends fame, a lot of his delivery is in that deadpan sarcastic "Chandler" vein with Neve Campbell being the perfect spunky counterpart. Also, Oliver Platt and half a dozen other minor characters also did a great job.

    Definitely catch this movie if you get the chance, whether or not you find it for 99c on eBay, it's worth your time.
  • Three to Tango is a perfect romantic comedy. Although it may not have been a massive hit it makes for enjoyable enough viewing due to its fantastic cast who all put in hilarious performances. This film has humour, it has heart - what more could you want from a romantic comedy?

    Matthew Perry puts in another Chandler style performance but really isn't this the type of role we just love to see Perry in. Playing the sarcastic, goofy guy served him well enough for 10 years on Friends but here we get to see another version of that character.

    Neve Campbell is very cute in this film and has great comedic ability as well as great chemistry with Perry. McDermott looks a little out of place but still does well in his role.

    As with any romantic comedy there is comedy support and Oliver Platt provides this in spades. Hilarious in every scene he's in and him and Perry make a good double act.

    Overall ignore the negative reviews and just take this film for what it is - a hilarious romantic comedy that has a great cast and a unique premise. Perry at his best.
  • The genre of romantic comedy is a hard one for a writer to crack. After all, it's a overused, basic plot which you've got to make interesting by adding something fresh to it. Most films like these tend to disappoint, because once you've seen the trailer you've seen it all.

    But this film has much more than what the trailer shows. The jokes are fairly imaginative and sometimes ingenious, and the plot does have a twist or two plus a little cuteness to make it a good film to watch.

    Matthew Perry plays his Chandler-esque role from the TV sitcom, Friends, this time as an architect (like the TV show we don't actually see him do any work!), and gives a satisfying performance (strange way of describing it, but it is what you really do feel). Neve Campbell adds to the cuteness of it and all in all it is a fairly decent film.

    If you are a fan of Matthew Perry, this is probably his best attempt on the big screen, though I'd bet others might disagree. All in all, a funny film that's deserved a watch.
  • babydarkblue4 October 2001
    I had seen this film advertised on other videos before and always fancied renting it out sometime. However there was a great sale on in a music shop here and I couldn't resist temptation. So I bought it. Was it worth my £3.99? Yes, every penny of it.

    Matthew Perry is hilarious in this romantic comedy and with Neve Campbell as his love interest, makes it enjoyable viewing. Chandler still seems to come to mind when watching this but this isn't fair on Perry who really is trying to shake that image off in movies. It made me laugh from the minute it started to the minute it ended. For people who hate this film I don't really understand your logic. It's put to us as a fun loving romantic comedy with a Happy Ever After at the end, so if you don't like the sound of it - don't watch it! Simple! That should stop you all from moaning!

    I would recommend this film and is definately a must see.
  • robertsig11 September 2001
    I can tell from the professional reviews that they didn't get the gist of this movie. It's absolutely hilarious and they tried to analyze it too much. It is not meant to be serious, but just to be enjoyed. Realism doesn't need to be part of every movie, and those parameters do not apply here.

    It is perhaps the funniest movie I have seen in awhile, except for American Pie. Everybody liked that movie too, and it was made tongue-in-cheek, just like this movie.

    Worth a watch!
  • Matthew Perry just seems unable (or unwilling) to let go of his Chandler persona. The jokes he does in "Three To Tango (and the rest of his newer movies)are all so similar to his sitcom character it's kind of sad seeing one of the funniest men (and my personal favorite "Friend"-well, at least until he marries Monica) be so uninventive and unexperimental with his definite acting abilities. On the other hand, there's the ALWAYS stunning Neve Campbell who steals the show. Incredibly sexy and stunning, funny, smart and with just the right touch of a rebel she makes her character a person I'd love to spend the rest of my life with. I know I always say the same things, especially if the women are as gorgeous as she is, but it's absolutely true. Who could not fall in love with Amy Post?

    There's a believable chemistry between the two and the rest of the cast adds its share as well. Romantic comedies are ALWAYS predictable and rightfully so, but "Three To Tango" fails to logically and believably wrap up the plot in the last five minutes, filling it with coincidences that are just to big for the viewer to swallow. Nice, kind of funny(you probably won't find yourself laughing out loud very often, just smiling in your mind as the movie goes along) and who can forget-romantic. 6/10
  • I didn't see this movie for years because I heard it was terrible. I happened to catch it on cable today, and they couldn't be more incorrect! Matthew Perry and Neve Campbell absolutely SPARKLE! Matthew is so sweet and funny it reminded me why I loved him so much on friends before the shrew Monica took his balls. Their chemistry seems so real, it's either the best acting job they've both ever done, or they were really into each other, hee!

    There are a lot of funny moments, some cliché, but its a romantic comedy, you expect a certain amount of formula. But Matthew and Neve keep it real and cute and funny, and I was overwhelmed by how touching it was. Matthew really hit the mark on this one, and Neve is adorable! I missed the scathing and usually-hilarious Oliver Platt, his role seemed a mere supporting throw-away, it could have been played by anyone, but it was nice to see him do something different.

    Dylan McDermott does what he does best: irritating slime ball. I never quite believe him when he plays a good guy, and its much more fun to love to hate him anyway.

    Yes the film has a message too, but they don't hit you over the head with it. The entire film is nicely sweet and subtle. Everyone (except maybe homophobes) should give it a shot!
  • C'mon, you folks. You have to admit this movie has some really great laughs in it. I don't usually laugh right out loud when I'm sitting close behind someone, but not only did I, everybody else did too!

    Sure the plot is as old as the hills. So what? This is an "A" movie with fine stars and witty, perceptive and often hilarious writing.

    Oliver Platt's performance is PERFECT. PERFECT. It should be required viewing in every acting class. He's so subtle about the way he gets everything right, just right, just enough subdued moments, just enough flares. The man has delivered a masterpiece.

    Matthew Perry is a riot. Late in the movie he gets a little too Friends-schtickish for a while but most of his performance is fresh, and it's all funny. Neve Campbell? I admit I don't really get her. Sorry, but there are dozens of actresses of her generation who could have carried this role off better. But she's box-office so I'm probably wrong about her.

    It's too bad this film got panned, because a lot of people have stayed away from it, and missed one heck of a good time.

    I am going to go back and see it again.
  • Three to Tango went above my expectations. In advance it seemed an expendable and shallow movie, but turned out to be better than that.

    I saw this movie in an outdoors summer cinema thinking it would be weak, but I was pleasantly surprised. The plot is no big deal, but it manages to keep you entertained and laughing with Matthew Perry's quotes. He is a hell of a funny guy and his 'faces' make me laugh my ass off. Let's hope he can get his life back on track at last, staying away from his unhealthy habits.

    I hadn't heard of Neve Campbell before seeing this movie, but I think she does a good job here. Dylan McDermott plays a mean tycoon.

    I won't get into discussing if the plot is predictable, believable or if Perry and Campbell are great together - I'm not interested in that. What really matters is if the movie is your money worth, and this was my case.

    Three to Tango won't be regarded as a classic (Who needs each movie to be that?), but as an amusing film. Seven out of ten.
  • dcreed26 July 2001
    This was a fabulous comedy with enough twists and turns to make it even more interesting. Much of it predictable, but handled well enough that you don't mind.

    This also covers some interesting ground as to how differently a person is perceived depending on his sexual orientation. Great casting with Matthew Perry, Dylan McDermott, and Neve Campbell. Oliver Platt makes a fabulous contribution as supporting actor, a position that seems to be suited to his talents.
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