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  • karalla7 March 2003
    The opening scene has a flavor of Pasolini's work and then it is reinforced by a scene from a Pasolini's film...... This film will not be enjoyed by the masses, but that is to be expected with all great works..... Dogma in theory, Dogma in Style....... A must see, especially for any film junkie or film maker.... It is rich in the shooting techniques of angle shots and their use of lighting is brilliant.... If you have ever been in that part of the world, Sicily, then you may even recognize a few of the characters......
  • engineer_aakramm22 August 2021
    This is an excellent movie, it is one of the most disgusting films I have ever seen, It claims to be as low as life itself and as humanity !!

    When Voltaire wrote Candid he had this same idea in mind, also when Nietzsche wrote Zarathustra, the human worms.. only here it is the human pigs and human rats ... etc.

    We see here also rage and despite against all human values and beliefs, which points to some psychological grave troubles and disorders of the lowest kind, and the fact is such patterns do exist in accordance with past nasty experiences in our world.

    This film is the revenge of a real tormented or a real sarcastic soul, As for the technological details: The operatic themes, the light, the landscapes, and the robotic coarse actors .. They were all very good and served the idea well.

    Eating, drinking, sex, excreting etc.. are all what men, women. Animals can feel and enjoy !!

    And this movie condemn all these activities as the sign and means of human evil.

    Ours is a very low world, says the movie.

    A more talented work on the line would be De Ce Trag clopotele Mitica or Why Are The Bells Tolling Mitica by Lucian Pintilie.
  • zecca9925 October 2021
    Mental onanism for radical chic that would be always countercurrent without a reason.

    Status of cult is earned only because of banning. Very good images by Luca Bigazzi , a really wonderful black & white ; but this is not enough saving the the movie from the garbage can.