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  • Elena, a top Greek fashion model, goes on a brief holiday to a remote seaside resort with her young husband Vasily...but grows increasingly remote from him as her fatal attraction to a local Lothario (Focas) overpowers her will and evokes an unbearable sexual tension and passion that must be expressed. There are volumes spoken in a look or a gesture and more steam is skillfully generated in this manner than through the dialog or the sex scenes. The progression of the illicit affair changes all of the participants in unforeseen and unexpected ways...sometimes eliciting strains of sadism, self-pity, mental cruelty and blind carnal lust. The film is a fascinating study of adultery and ultimately an indictment of giving the passions free rein...risking ruin. Recommended for mature and sophisticated viewers.
  • This film begins with a beautiful fashion model by the name of "Elena" (Elena Nathanail) eagerly awaiting the return of her husband "Vasilis" (Thodoros Roubanis) who is in the Greek Navy and is returning from a long voyage. Valisils is equally happy to be reunited with his wife and together they decide to spend a few days in a hotel some distance from their home. However, when they get to the hotel Elena meets an innkeeper by the name of "Alexandros" (Spyros Fokas) who she suddenly finds completely irresistible in spite of the fact that she loves her husband very much. Even so she has an affair with Alexandros which eventually results in both Valisilis and Alexandros competing against each other for her companionship. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that the first 30 minutes of this film proceeded at an agonizingly slow pace but it got somewhat more interesting after that. I should also note that the director (George Skalenakis) used a number of scenes to demonstrate an artistry that was also quite unique. Having said that, while this film certainly had its listless moments it wasn't that bad overall and for that reason I have rated it accordingly. Average.