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  • One of the few shows from my childhood that I still watch and hold in a high regard is the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. However, these OAVs are the worst things I have ever seen. First, there's this whole back story that was never fully created, involving these things called mutastones. In fact, both parts involve the turtles finding the stones so they can be like sentai action heroes or something. The voices suck, too. Splinter sounds normal, but nobody else does. Krang's voice reminds me of the cat-thing from Mr. Rodgers. The first story involves Krang wanting to awaken this weird thing from a stone, called Dark Mu. She wakes up, causes havoc around the city, and the turtles have to mutate into Super Turtles, then do the fusion dance or something. By far, the best part of the whole thing is the Gainax bounce that Dark Mu has near the end. The second story involves a bunch of inept ninjas, a hidden fortress that was hidden under a hut, and a mirror with mutastones on the back. Personally, I'm glad that they never brought this over to America. This thing ranks way below the new Turtles show on TV.
  • Me and some buddies sat down and watched a downloaded copy of this ova. We loved the old series as kids (but now sadly have to say that it weren't that good in the animation version) and we followed the movies as they emerged on cinema... and the laughter began...

    Think nothing else... this is a total spoof on the whole turtles franchise with everything in it, even mixed up in a pseudo Dai Ranger setting... And if you are not offended by the tastelessness of the humor then you are going to love it just as we did. And apparently it was made to sell some toys and left unfinished as to somewhat give the idea to the kids that they will keep on fighting with their toys... or maybe it was a two part pilot that never got continuing money...

    think of it as maybe an excel saga special or something. But I don't want to spoil it for you... just try to get it!
  • I don't like most anime movies because they are just like the series only shorter. This is most evident in Dragon Ball (Z/GT) were they do the spirit bomb thing and that's suposed to make it special. Sailor Moon and Pokemon are the same way. Project A-ko is different because it had no series but the sequels wreaked that.

    However this one is different because I LOVE NINJA TURTLES! Okay so that's biased, but I miss the little green guys and seeing a new movie that animated in Japan is like the coolest thing to happen since 1984! Of course I haven't seen the series so when/if I do that will probably ruin it for me. I would like to see this and the series released on subtitled VHS because I know if they dubbed it not only would they use different voices, but they would also pick the most annoying ones possible (remember the Sonic "Movie*").

    [*I believe on the box it said "Theatrical Release" when it was in fact just a two-part OVA series not shown in theaters there or here.]
  • I would very much like to see this movie Dubbed (which of course would be badly like most dubs), because then a subtitled version would come out; and maybe even a bilingual DVD (my favorite). Any translation would be better than none because most of the people who want to or have seen this movie don't understand Japanese (like me). Of course you don't have to take my word for it, I'm a bit daft and even watch the American shows dubbed in Japanese! ^_^