Richard Harris strongly condemned both the film and Frank McCourt in a series of interviews in 2000.

Interior church scenes were shot in a Dublin studio. Because of its controversial content, the production was denied permission to shoot in any Limerick churches.

Liam Neeson was originally cast as Malachy, but dropped out.

Considering how successful the book had been (translated into 25 languages and published in 36 countries) , on a budget of $25m, this was a huge disappointment at the US box-office taking in only $13m.

Martin Benson's last film.

This film was a joint production of Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios.

The poster and book cover were designed by Bill Kaye.

Pierce Brosnan and Stephen Rea were considered for the role of Malachy.

The movie was released in the movie theaters in Los Angeles and New York on December 25 1999. The movie was released national wide on January 14 2000 . The same day Emily Watson was celebrated her 34 birthday

Alan Parker: The doctor who treats Frank McCourt when he is in the hospital with typhoid.