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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is the story of 3 young woman,the 3 are poor,but very good looking (in special Amalia Aguilar)and very interested in money,then meet a drifter,who was really a rich man,but he want to scape of his word and he not say nothing about his money.latter meet a guy who not remember his name(Fabregas)and fall in love with him the 3 girls,but he discover the drifter is really a rich man.then he decides make a show with the girls,and then the 3 girls have envy of the other 2.but the man(Fabregas,who have recovered his mind)say to the girls he is married and then the 3 girls be in peace with the other 2. This is a very funny movie,with 3 of the most beautiful girl in 50s cinema,have much musical numbers with the 3 actress(but Amalia Aguilar is the most sexy)and these numbers are good.These was a very sexy and strong sexual scenes for his time.Very recommended