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  • Ron Sullivan (aka Henri Pachard) and co. went to Germany 30 years ago to shoot 4 trivial features back to back, featuring an international cast. This is perhaps the sloppiest of the bunch, though best known due to its catchy title.

    Title lady is played by Crystal Evans (a severe looking blonde) bu Alicia Monet is actually the principal star of the picture. She plays Joey Silvera's wife who feels inadequate since she cannot deep throat him the way one sees in the movies, so she heads of Crystal's institute to learn how. The rest of the picture involve ensemble scenes of gals, mainly European, practicing fellatio on the male cast members (pun intended), leading to a disastrously cryptic ending. Clearly both director and his trusty screenwriter Raven Touchstone didn't give this project their all.

    Continuity is terrible, and an extraneous sex scene, designated as "Special Appearance" for Tracey Adams, seems to have been stolen from one of the other videos shot back-to-back. Given how commonplace deep-throating has become in porn in recent years, and how expert current practitioners like Cathy Heaven and Jenna J. Ross are in the art, old junk like this video has little value.