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  • Ron Sullivan/Henri Pachard, abetted by vets Ralph Parfait and Ron Dorfman behind the camera, made one of his kinkier exercises as SECRET URGES, a set of individually titled, stand-alone all-sex vignettes. Though 20 years old it resembles the gonzo content of today.

    First episode bears the video's overall title "Secret Urges" and is the oddest. Tom Byron is cast against type as a submissive, not allowed to use his hands as two blondes Christina West and Micky Lynn (latter the pretty one) have their way with him. Feature's overall emphasis on anal begins here with anilingus on Tom and then the big surprise -both gals don strap-on-dildos to put it to Byron in the posterior. A member of the 2,000 features club (IMDb has credited him with over 1,600 titles and is far from complete in its coverage), Byron is someone I've seen dishing it out but can't recall him "taking it" before seeing this performance. Subsequently I saw him do the same routine in Sullivan's 1993 video PANTIES.

    Second vignette "Planned Seduction" stars Asia Carerra getting a massage from Kaitlyn Ashley, apparently not a dream girl for the former Bruce Jenner given his/her spelling choice. With her huge re-configured boobs looming like Atlas rockets, I've never seen her looking more erotic than here - a reason for watching this DVD's lesbo action.

    "Sexual Hunger" presents a frenzied 3-way in progress: busty Nikki Sinn serviced by Jake Williams/Steve Hatcher and Sean Rider. She insists on anal sex and they oblige with a d.p.

    T.T. Boy is featured in the last two segments. First up in "Sudden Impulse" he takes on Eurasian Lana Sands for sex in a bathroom, each staring narcissistically in the mirror during the humping. This features a cum shot onto her black panties he's holding rather than her body, a curious fetish element.

    Finale "Shameful" consists of Valeria and Tiffany Mynx being videotaped as part of a cheap photo shoot by T.T. He joins them for troilism after the initial lesbo action, and anal fingering is included.

    I've been watching quite a bit of Ron's work lately as well as some varied movies made by Dorfman, of which LADY LUST will be reviewed soon. Post-script for Lana Sands is pretty terrible: after a long hiatus IMDb credits her "comeback" in MOTHERS TEACHING DAUGHTERS HOW TO SUCK COCK 15, one of the lousiest series in recent memory.