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  • I feel that this show should be on DVD, because for one each episode deals with realistic issues, such as racism, hiv, drugs, etc. If Peter Engel can have the original saved by the bell released along with the college years and the new class,this show along with "Hang Time" and "California Dreams" should be on DVD as well for having similar themed shows. I have went to and voted tried to get other people to vote for these shows by posting good comments about in the other start new topic section after the add another comment section. Maybe only in great numbers and certain liscening rights can this show and others like can be released on DVD by the seasons. Also, show like Beverly Hills 90210 and Melorse Place may never be released on DVD, because despite high demand, they lack the music liscening rights to help make that happen. So I hope that one day "City Guys" will be released on DVD.
  • City Guys would have to be the best and coolist teen show I have ever seen. It is also the best programme I have seen all year in New Zealand. I feel the show is so underated and it doesnt get the credit it deserves. The show is so funny and entertaining, it also deals with everyday teen issues such as peer pressure and drug abuse.The show has a great cast Wesley Jonothan, Dion Basco, Caitlin Mowrey, Marissa Dyan and Scott Whyte.

    I give this show a ten out of ten.
  • Created in the mold of Saved By The Bell in an urban setting, City Guys really did a great job firming up their style and the characters were well defined from the pilot.

    Chris, Jamal, Alberto, Dawn, Cassidy and L Train (recurring, then built up to a starring role) go to Manny High. Chris was just thrown out of his expensive private school and gets sent to Manny High. The first few episodes center on Jamal and Chris, and branches out to their interactions with the other students.

    Karen Coretta Noble is a no nonsense Principal who has no time for foolishness and has a way with teaching all our cast how to navigate life through not only the sunshine, but the rain as well.

    Hijinks reign supreme, and lots of lessons and tough love to go around. It's a great throwback to the 90's-00's (show ran from '97- '01) and a pretty nice feel good series as well

    So, if you're in for a bit of nostalgia, or wanting to introduce your kiddos to a great show in the Saturday morning fashion, this is definitely one you should look at!
  • city guys is like an updated version of saved by the bell. its about 6 people who go through highschool and deals with problems highschool students go through such as drugs, sex, etc.

    the first 5 or so episodes featured a lot of jamal and chris and them getting into problems, however, the other cast members started havong their own episodes.

    one of the funniest characters, named L-train, made recurring appearances and finally was made a regular during the 1st season.

    the last episode, which was shown in 2001, showed all 6 students leaving and going on to college.
  • Like many of my generation, I grew up with Zack, Kelly and the gang on "Saved By the Bell." However, after the disappointments of "SBTB: The College Years" and "SBTB: The New Class," as well as graduating from not just high school but college as well, I decided I might just be a little too old for TNBC. Then one day I tuned in to "City Guys" on the recommendation of a friend, and changed my mind altogether.

    "City Guys" has all the best elements of a classic TNBC show. Filmed before a live studio audience, it features Jamal and Chris, the troublemaking, girl-chasing duo; L-Train (Lionel), the humorous dim bulb of the group; Cassidy, the pretty actress; the requisite couple (Alberto, the wisecracking schemer and Dawn, the honors student/activist), and Ms. Noble, the wise but fun principal who takes no guff. Hilarious hijinks ensue!

    Seriously, "City Guys" covers the gamut from "very special episodes" (a student with a shaven head is accused of being a skinhead) to wacky plotlines (Jamal, L-Train and Al join Dawn's ballet troupe). It is safe to say that "City Guys" is why I drag myself out of bed at 11am on a Saturday morning.
  • Personally, I think that "Saved by the bell" sucked. Especially "The college years" and "the new class". But "City Guys" is way better and isn't as fake. The only problem with it is it never got as much play as "saved by the bell". In fact, I couldn't even watch it until AFTER it went off the air. That Sucks!
  • Neither the best nor the worst sitcom aimed at teens, this was one of several shows programmed after the success of "Saved by the Bell." The acting, as always in these shows, was execrable when compared to good prime-time programming, but a lot of that is deliberate. The actors are too busy mugging for the camera and encouraging whoops and catcalls from the hyperactive audience to worry about realistic performances. This one was set in an inner-city high school and featured a now cliched multicultural cast. The lame attempts at street cred and hipness were about 5 years behind the times, which means this was seriously cutting edge for network TV.
  • Perhaps like many of you, I grew up with Zack, Kelly and the gang on "Saved By the Bell." However, following the disappointment of "SBTB: The College Years" and "SBTB: The New Class," as well as graduating from not just high school but college as well, I decided I might just be a little too old for TNBC. Then, following a recommendation from a friend, I turned on the TV one Saturday to "City Guys," and changed my mind altogether. "City Guys" has all the right ingredients for a perfect TNBC comedy: Chris and Jamal, the girl-chasing troublemakers, L-Train, the humorously "slow" one, Cassidy, the pretty actress, the requisite couple Al (the wisecracking schemer) and Dawn (the smart activist), and Ms. Noble, the wise but fun principal who takes no guff. Hilarious hijinks ensue!

    Unlike... certain other shows we all know and love... "City Guys" does not resort to stereotypes about nerds and cheerleaders. The gang at Manhattan High "keeps it real" with "special" episodes (Dawn's mom battles alcoholism, L-Train learns he has dyslexia) as well as wacky plotlines (L-Train, Al and Jamal join the ballet club, Chris, Jamal and Cassidy compete to see whose diet strategy will help Ms. Noble lose the most weight in time for her high school reunion). What more could you ask for in Saturday morning entertainment?
  • PERSONAL NOTE: I used to watch this while I was working as a traffic reporter in Tampa Florida. This and the other shows that followed it, like "Just Deal" were better than watching infomercials....but not by much.....

    Even though I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaay past main demographic for this show, it's still something I look forward to on Saturday mornings. I have the NBC affiliate on in my office when this show airs, and happened to take notice of it a few years back, and got interested. I was actually a little sad when the last original episode where the cast graduated from "Manny High" aired!

    'City Guys' is the story of a group of students attending high school in NYC.Fairly typical "T"NBC programming, and best described as a more mature "Saved By The Bell", or "California Dreams". The story lines are pretty much typical teenager fare, with the usual assortment of dating, family, love, and school issues included. Plus toss in a caring school principal, played by Marcella Lowery, for some added fun.

    The best aspect of the show are the young actors, themselves, I think. They all seem to have a great chemistry, and are all likable, in general. Wesley Johnathan, and Scott Whyte, as does the rest of the cast, have plenty of potential. The interplay of 'Jamal', 'Chris', and 'El-Train' has it's moments. I hope that some smart casting director gives them the nod for some ensemble work in the future.

    Here's a show that could go on to become a made for TV movie, easily.
  • I used to watch this show when I was growing up. When I think about it, I remember it very well. If you ask me, it was a good show. Two things I remember very well are the opening sequence and theme song. In addition to that, everyone was ideally cast. Also, the writing was very strong. The performances were top-grade, too. I hope some network brings it back so I can see every episode. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that I'll always remember this show in my memory forever, even though I'm not sure if I've seen every episode. Now, in conclusion, if some network ever brings it back, I hope that you catch it one day before it goes off the air for good.
  • I just got through watching the last episode of City Guys. I started watching this show when I was a sophmore in high school and now I'm a sophmore in colleage. The show had hot girls, humor and heart which is why I liked. I'll still wacth the show in reruns.
  • I agree that this show is funny with jokes and humour, but there are several seriously critical reasons why this show isn't that perfect yet: 1.) This atmosphere setting is very bad.

    2.) There's too much dreadful annihilation going on in this show along the way.

    3.) This is more of a permanent annihilated dreadful urban type of TNBC sitcom is more of these types of other permanently annihilated urban sitcoms: Martin, Living Single, The Jamie Foxx Show and The Parkers.

    4.) Actor Alex Morris, who plays Billy Stevenson as the new husband of Principal Karen Noble, should have been added as a permanent 8th member of this show's fifth season cast lineup because he's also funny and serious.

    5.) The series finale of this show is still too permanently disorganized.

    I'm glad this show is no longer on air because all these five actors and actress Marcella Lowry moved onto new better projects, while these two young pale actresses both ended up in soaps and got their acting careers terminated.
  • This was a very cool show, almost like SBTB the second coming. Each character on the show had a special trait that made City Guys unique and awesome. Like all Peter Engel shows this one was constipated with morals and life lessons, and like SBTB it had a very, very strict prinipal figure, however, mix that with the main two characters (Chris and Jamal) and the great writing of the series and it is a very decent show.

    This is the only show I watched on TNBC and I'm glad to have seen it. Take it from me folks City Guys is one great show.
  • this show is a lot like me it's funny, they talk like me, and they dress like me. I didn't start watching the City Guys till I saw it on the reruns on the WB like 3 months ago. well I'm glad I start watching I am glad this show had more then 100 episodes and I also like the song in the beginning.
  • denniskim1526 December 2001
    i recently began watching this show, and much to my dismay, it concluded a few weeks ago. its a shame, because i feel that it never achieved the notoriety that its cousin "saved by the bell", did, probably because it seemed formulaic. but this show was, in my opinion, way better than its forerunner, the characters and issues were more diverse, and although the comedy was similar, it was delivered in a more funny manner. also, i personally felt that the show was uplifting for minorities, something i think is rare and much needed in television programming. i guess i'll just have to catch up with the show in syndication.
  • Rejoicen22 September 2002
    The Show City Guys had it's momments, and sometimes was funny. I've watched many of the reruns, but I have to say, i found the fact that Ms. Nobel, the principle, only talking to the four main characters really annoying. Out of all the episodes I saw, she only ever talked to one girl who was not in the main four. I understand that the show revolved around the four, but they could have worked with that, like maybe she would turn from an extra, then talk to someone in the main cast. That never really happened though, making it completely unrealistic. It was like, her job revolved around helping four students for their four years. Realisticly the chances of ever even seeing the principle are not very good, and even if you get in trouble you would see the Dean or Vice Principle, not the main Principle. Also, the show didn't really have nothing new to offer it's audience. Atleast in this one the actors were only slightly older then actual High School Students, unlike shows like Popular who have 24 year olds playing 16 year olds.
  • I would rank this rancid show on the same level as Full House. It should have never seen the light of day. It MAY have been almost bearable (in the same way being struck by lightening is almost bearable) if any single cast member could have acted their way out of a wet paper bag. If you have your choice between watching this monstrosity or driving a nail into your hand I would suggest you get your tetanus shot and hammer away.
  • I only watched the first five minutes, I really couldn't stand any more than that. It's like Saved By The Bell or Hang Time, but noticeably worse. Every character and every event depicted is such a cliche, and it is so poorly written, that if you told me this program was actually written as a sixth grade class project I wouldn't find it difficult to believe. It is a real travesty that any tv network would produce such an unquestionably bad show. I honestly don't think I've ever seen a worse sitcom in my life.
  • I caught this at nine thirty in the morning one day saturday. I saw it again. It is not a popular show, and it reminds me of saved b the bell. Its all right. The theme song is very catchy. City Guys is a good show to watch, if there is nothing else good on.