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  • Having seen over 60 of the late Fred Lincoln's XXX features, I was never impressed with his work, due to a lack of recognizable style or thoughtful themes. But with this Serenity vehicle for Wicked Pictures, he delivered an effortlessly satisfying "little film", unpretentious and proof of his skills.

    For a trim 84 minutes it hits all the right notes in a model of simplicity. Serenity is a Hollywood actress balking at a new script that features a strong lesbian scene, so her agent John Decker sends her, on his dime, to an exclusive spa to relax. He's teamed up with Papillon to plot this excursion as an introduction of the star to lesbianism.

    But Serenity is way ahead of him -she wants to experiment in the Sapphic realm and use it for the film, ultimately putting everyone on the same page. What unfolds is a series of six sensual sex scenes, with clear emphasis on girl/girl action, that is both arousing and beautifully performed.

    Besides a letter-perfect acting job by Serenity, the modest little show features a terrific cast mixing both superstars (Jill Kelly, Asia Carrera and lesbian icon Felecia) with wonderful yet unsung talent. In the latter category, busty redhead Ruby temporarily steals the show in a classic rubdown scene at the spa with manager/masseur Colt Steele, brilliant compared to the mechanical Oiler vignettes that have become so popular on video two decades later. This sequence should be required viewing for the 21st Century hacks who think they know how to direct a "hands-on" XXX video.

    Biggest deal is a 4-girl outdoor group sex scene by the pool featuring Serenity as the center of attention for lesbians Kelly, Felecia and Emmanuelle. As an afterthought, more boy/girl action is injected back home when Serenity catches her man Alex Sanders humping the delicious Jacklyn Lick, and promptly throws him out of the house.

    Finale is concise as we get to see the production Serenity was prepping for: a solid lesbian hook-up with guest star Asia Carrera, who goes uncredited. We hear the director yell "Cut! That's a wrap", and finis.
  • For me, this Hollywood spa is the rocky big jacuzzi where Felecia, Jill Kelly, Serenity and a 4th babe rejoices to have a lesbian party time. Except the beginning filmed from above, giving you good look about the babes and the action, this scene is just awful as it's just close-up! The worst being the moment when Felecia put on strap-on: you know it's her because of her fine long braid but you just see nothing and it's less than a minute! Just silly!